Xplora is looking for 3 superHUMANS

So - 3 partners 6 months ago started Xplora, combining marketing, digital and performance expertise and passion. We are 12 peoplе now and looking for at least 3 superhumans - project manager a.k.a. account, performance and social.

We believe in HUMAN DIGITAL. First, digital marketing works only if it speaks to humans in a human manner - only then they engage and interact in a meaningful way for a company. Second, we speak of digital in a HUMAN, understandable and actionable way, and make sure clients see their progress, feel comfortable and are more successful. After all - the ultimate goal for a person and a company is to be successful. And third - human environment, as we are putting forward the joy of working with great individuals, on inspiring projects and growing professionally.

As you have already guessed - good things come in threes. Just to list threes:

  • 3 pitches for digital agency won - Toyota, Medix, Alaska

  • 6 clients with offices facing Tsarigradsko Shosse - BLD Homes, Atama, Alaska, Sirma Group, Microcredit, Toyota

  • 3 trainings - Musala Soft, Nestle and Konica Minolta

  • 3 amazing startups - Ayo, Escreo, HandOnWeb

  • 3 corporate identities - Eurohamali, L&M, Viki Ilieva

  • 27 active clients

  • And on, and on (not limited to three)

So here is our call to action - we are looking for professionals with at least one year of relevant experience for each of these positions: 

  • Project manager master - you can call it account, or whatever gives you wings to achieve client goals, and unleashes your superpowers to excite the team in this journey

  • Social media monster - you will make sure that we reach, engage and delight humans in social media networks. You will be in charge of creating content that is based on deep user insight - both for the product and as digital behavior. You will engage these users in meaningful conversations. At the interview we will be delighted to hear about specific approaches that you have applied, and tests that you have performed regarding platforms, content and targeting

  • Performance performer - you will investigate what humans do in digital that is of value to our clients, and you will make sure we reach and convert the most interested ones. You should have at least one year of experience with gAnalytics and gAdwords (and not only Google Search), and ideally - with Facebook advertising. At the interview we expect you to talk at least for 10 minutes on how you made the difference by actively analyzing and managing the outcome of performance campaigns

All you have to do is fill in the gForm for your application no later than 23.06. And as you have already guessed - good things come in threes, so please make sure to list three qualities of yours that will make our clients, partners and team say WOW. And three skills that you want to master as part of our team. Then you’ll have to list at least one relevant achievement that you were a key contributor to. And finally - please provide a link to your Linkedin profile. Alternatively - feel free to upload a relevant CV. Writing in threes is constraining so don’t limit yourself ;) Boost your superHUMAN career here