Mihaela is on board. And she will rock with her positive and can-do approach

Think about your most challenging job interview? Did they ask you “Where do you see yourself in five years”? Or they stated that overtime is a prerequisite? Or ask bluntly right away what is the lowest starting remuneration you would be OK?

Well, let’s tell you how we met Mihaela, how she impressed us, and what were the questions that we asked, and the ones she asked us.

Georgi, our Managing Partner, really enjoys delivering trainings and sharing practical and actionable advice. So this time he delivered one on Operations management at the Business Institute from the alternative MBA class. Mihaela is one of the prominent students there. What a start for a job invitation - she puts extra effort to learn more, and to upgrade her business and management skills. At that time she was working as a financial analyst at an international company, that provides communications software and services.

So when the time came for the first interview - Mihaela, positive as usual, may be even a little bit more - was heading to our office in front of the Russian Church. And booooom, she stumbled over. Phone flew high in the air. She had bruises on her knees and on her palms. And there she enters the office - with a broken phone (just the glass) and bleeding palms. And soooo positive and smiling. We cleansed the wounds on the palms with some Alaska vodka (a client of ours), and we had one of the most amazing interviews. She had done her homework - she had already read all about the company. She had researched the industry, our clients, articles on the company. And, was she prepared with amazing questions! How we onboard clients. How we secure we add value. What collaboration tools we use. And all the answers were in line with her previous experience and with her well-crafted ideas how she will be a fit to the team. We asked just some validating questions to prove her approach, and awaited her next question - a question once again so much to the point.

Wow. We shared the experience with the team. We were all convinced that she has the right approach and would be a great fit to our agency DNA - HUMAN DIGITAL.

Mihaela is very dynamic, creative and positive person, who has interests in the fields of marketing, brand strategy and positioning, business innovation, project management, personal development, sales and customer care.

She enjoys listening to music, skiing, reading books and articles about all of the above mentioned themes. She is enthusiastic Kangoo Jumper, who loves this type of sport and is also pаssionate about teaching it :)

She likes travelling to many new different places and is interested in getting to know the local culture, cuisine and manners.

Be positive ;)