Get better understanding of your audience

A score of brands have been, and are still concentrating their efforts into creating large fan bases and reaching “target audiences” but not that many are putting the effort to understand what is hidden behind the macro numbers and how to take advantage of actual user behavior.

Most of the times a brand has a broad audience and that audience contains many different people with different interest, that the industry labels segments. If we try to create a profile for our potential customer, the so called Buyer persona, then we will see that most of the times we will end up with not one but at least three completely different people, and at least three more potential.

By getting this insight a brand should learn not only to target these personas separately but also to present its brand message differently for each of it’s sub-audiences, and create individual user journeys for them.

Think about the customers for a residential properties developer - there are first time home buyers, and savvy real estate investors. There are people living in proximity to the property, in the same area, and moving to another city. Would you target them with the same message? Or would you plan the same digital flow (or as known - user journey) for these people with so different demographics, motivation and behaviour triggers?

If you apply the same approach to a large restaurant - people working nearby would have one profile, people looking for cozy place for a date or for dinner we have a second buyer persona, if we target foreigns we have a third and so on. These are three completely different targets that need different approaches in terms of communications and also different type of content. The “Lunch hour” audience will want to know what is the lunch offer and they will expect to see it by 11:30 a.m., while the foreigners target should be reached with content in English, engaged with numerous customer reviews etc.

By first methodically applying buyer personas, and then devising clear user journeys for these people - a brand has a clear model, and can “master the power” to reach different audiences in a sustainable and trackable manner. And most important - significantly increase their engagement and build their loyalty.

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