Causes and volunteering

The world changes with our example, not our opinion. We are convinced that values are manifested in actions and that is why we believe a lot in storydoing over storytelling. Since its inception, Xplora stands behind the values that it is up to each of us to make the world a better place.

We have chosen here to tell about the Pay Forward initiative, which helps elderly people in municipal hospices, people with mental disabilities in special establishments and people in need. It was started by Vanya Ananieva and Intellect language schools and has been using the #PayForward principle for five years now, attracting more and more people to help with time, compassion or donation. We have personally visited all the homes and each time we know exactly what they need. By 2020, the initiative is already a foundation with managers Vanya Ananieva and Joro Malchev. Currently, the foundation helps 13 hospices for elderly people in Bulgaria and improves the environment for over 1,000 people - the elderly and the personnel in the hospices. We are honored and privileged to have many of Xplora's customers and partners take an active part in the initiative and make the world a better place. You can find more on the website of the Pay Forward Foundation.

What causes do we help?

It is difficult to choose between one cause or another, and yet we need to know where we can help. That is why we choose causes and initiatives in which someone is already actively moving things and needs our concrete help. The causes that we have supported through services, through highly preferential prices or through the personal efforts of people from the team are those in which we were impressed by the team’s commitment to the causes. Xplora Academy often conducts trainings and provides preferential terms for non-governmental organizations for digital marketing courses.
You can read the article by Joro, a managing partner at Xplora, about Caps for the Future. Not only will you see how people on the team support the cause, but you will also find business and marketing analysis
the “Caps for the Future” initiative .

People from the agency lead workshops on the Christmas initiatives of Pay Forward and they themselves actively participate in the workshops and in the writing of name cards for each of the elderly people in the municipal hospices.

Over the years, we have helped Reach for Change, the PULS Foundation, There’s a Way, and other initiatives. If possible, we provide preferential terms for services and training in digital marketing of non-profit foundations. We are often speakers and mentors at NGO events or forums to improve the environment in which we live.

какви каузи помагаме
каузите се вписват в културата на Xplora


You already know that we believe in the extreme ownership of each person to others – to customers, to partners, to the team. Commitment to helping a cause is an example of such extreme ownership. Involving other people on the team is a representation of the #LeadByExample principle. Participation in the causes of “Pay Forward” and “Caps for the future” are a tradition for many of Xplora’s team members.

And it’s even more great to choose scarves for Christmas gifts, woven with the cause of
“Weave heat.”

Volunteering as part of Xplora’s culture?

We are proud that many people from our team are volunteers in various initiatives. Some of them donate their time, others – help with their specific skills in digital marketing. And others, like Snezhi, have been organizing a festival and workshops for young people for years – in this case in Berkovitsa. For many years she has been leading workshops for children to acquire creative skills.

A key part of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP or Employee Value Proposition) is the values we stand for. Everyone can and is an example – interns, employees, managers, partners – how our actions make the world a better place.

The Xplora team is involved in making martenitsas at the Pass On workshop
клиенти на Xplora подкрепят каузите

Which Xplora customers support the causes?

Many of our clients have their own causes that they support. We are extremely happy when through a storydoing approach we show that we will change the environment and make many people happy, our customers respond and support the initiatives. Whirlpool donates home appliances to hospices for elderly people or for mentally disabled people every year. We also receive great support from companies such as Prestige 96, Tesy, Queen’s, Dilios, the Soap Factory and other businesses for the causes we support.

Pay Forward

The change

"P.U.L.S" Foundation

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