Behind every successful digital marketer are the tools to back it up :).

If you haven’t read the first part, here we will present you the second part of the article with the remaining 11 tools to use in 2022. 

Here they are:

  1. Google Tag Manager (Server-side tagging)
  2. Data studio
  3. Poptin
  4. OneSignal
  5. SEO meta in 1 click
  6. RankMath
  7. Google Optimize
  8. Social Searcher
  9. Zapier
  10. Tweetdeck
  11. LeadSync


12. Google Tag Manager (Server-side tagging)

Digital tools, analysis tools, Google tag manager , data analysis, server side tagging
Source: Analytics mania

Google Tag Manager (Server-side tagging) is the latest capability that Google provides us to collect user data for marketing analytics, without of course violating users’ right to anonymity. You now have the option to save the data you’ve collected on your own server and determine how much of it is sent to and analyzed by analytics tools.

Currently, the main advantages of SST are:

  • limiting the impact of Ad blockers;
  • getting more data about users who use iOS devices;
  • reducing the time it takes to load the site.

The cons we would identify if you decide to use this solution are:

  • more technical knowledge and help from programmers is required;
  • requires the purchase of cloud space.

13. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio, data visualization tools, data reports
Source: Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a yeb-based data visualization tool. It can bring together data from multiple sources (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, Mailchimp, etc.) and visualize it in a way that will be easy for your audience to digest.

What are the benefits of Google Data Studio?

  • Free to use (some data sources are paid)
  • Easy way to report and visualize data
  • Ability to customize reports
  • Retrieves data from multiple sources in a single report
  • Ability for multiple people to work on one report at the same time
  • Large selection of free report templates
  • Ability to connect to over 150 data sources
  • Automate reports
  • Does not require in-depth knowledge

What are the cons?

  • You’ll have to pay if you want to connect to a data source that’s not in the Google ecosystem (like Facebook or Instagram)
  • As the tool is constantly improving in features, you can expect bugs and data issues from time to time
  • Lack of an official Support you can turn to in case of a problem
  • Loading a large amount of data on the previews is sometimes quite slow

14. Poptin

Poptin, forms, digital tools. Lead generation
Source: Poptin

Poptin is more than just a tool for making pop-up banners. You can create different lead forms, send automated emails based on users’ engagement with them, and more. In terms of pop-ups, the variety of creatives and ready-made templates is almost limitless:

  • pop-up banners;
  • gamification (e.g. spinning a prize wheel);
  • slide-in popups;
  • buttons to contact the business;
  • permanently visible bars at the top or bottom of the site;
  • templates specifically designed for mobile devices, etc.

Thanks to them, you can increase the number of users signing up for your newsletter, showcase your new collection or service, discount your site, promo campaign or simply engage with your target users.

See examples of how to use it for different industries – e-commerce, real estates, fitness, educational, automotive and many more.

Alternative: Optimonk

15. OneSignal

push notifications, digital tools. Lead generation
Source: OneSignal

Our next suggestion for a digital tool to use is OneSignal, one of the most well-known push notification platforms. You can use them to send relevant, personalised messages to your prospects or current customers, even if they’re not using your digital asset right now. You can reach them via sms, email, through your business app, or just get a notification through their browser while they’re reading their favorite blog, for example. Of course, it is necessary to have initially agreed to receive such communications.

The advantage of such channels is that you don’t have to pay large sums for advertising, as in social networks and the Google ecosystem, but you have a monthly subscription to the platform itself (some tools also offer free versions with limited features). We recommend this to be another additional channel for communication with your users, not the main one that completely replaces other digital channels.

Open rate when using push notifications can exceed 3 to 4 times that of e-mail communication. Check this and other statistics.

16. SEO meta in 1 click

Digital tools - SEO meta in 1 click: basic tool view

Extremely useful tool to quickly review the SEO content of a page. With one click (as the name of the tool says) you can see if the page is allowed to be crawled by bots, see its meta data, its structure ( H1,2,3… headings), alt tags, internal links (including resources) and how its Facebook Open Graph looks like. In the tools tab you can find quick links to other important SEO tools, including the Mobile-friendly tool, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights tool and more. In the links tab you can easily find broken pages that reduce the “health” of the site. You can see more missing canonical URLs, get a link to the robot.txt file, as well as the sitemap (if there is one). It’s no coincidence that this free tool features in many such rankings by prominent marketers. We encourage you to test it right away 🙂

Advantages and disadvantages: the main advantage of the tool is the variety of information it offers. As a disadvantage we can point out the lack of possibility to download the information in a file.

Alternative: SEOquake


17. RankMath

Digital tools - Rank Math: tool capabilities

Rank Math is our favorite WordPress plugin for SEO. Extremely powerful tool that you can use to properly set up your site to give search engines the most with just a few clicks. You can also connect your analytics tools with Rank Math and get statistics on how your site is performing on different keywords, what traffic is coming in, which are the top pages, etc. You can easily determine the keyword you want your page to rank for and get great tips on how to optimize your content. Like most tools, this one isn’t very good at analyzing Bulgarian content, so don’t get too crazy about the 100/100 score. If you follow the Rank Math Setup Wizard, it will walk you through all the important SEO settings, such as enabling site indexing, creating a sitemap, choosing which categories and taxonomies to include in the sitemap, importing data from other SEO plugins, and more. The Redirections tab gives you easy access and the ability to quickly and correctly redirect or delete pages. These and many more useful options are available in this single plugin. If your site is on WordPress, don’t waste time and install it. You won’t regret it.

Pros and Cons: Some of the biggest advantages of the tool are that it is easy to use, has the ability to import data from other SEO tools with 1 click, as well as integrations with other analytical tools and getting the information on one screen. One of its few cons is the difficulty of transferring the data in case you decide to change it to another one.

Alternative: Yoast SEO


18. Google optimize

Digital tools - Google optimize, A/B test. CRO
Source: Marketing platform – Google optimize

Google optimize is a free online tool that allows you to do various tests on your site, such as changing the structure of the pages, changing the color, shapes, placement of different elements and much more. Thanks to its integration with Google Analytics, you’ll get valuable statistics to determine which site structure option is best for your target users and thus improve the performance of your campaigns. Among its possibilities are:

  • A/B test – a comparison between a website and a specific change you have made to it (for example changing/adding a button);
  • Multivariate Test – you can compare several changes and get separate statistics for each of them;
  • Split URL Testing – if you want to check how two different pages of the website you send users to with your campaigns perform, this option is for you.

For a digital marketer, the most important thing is that the target users carry out the goals that are set as the target by the business. The reason for low results is not always the settings of a campaign, but the landing page where we send these users. Google optimize will help you to optimize exactly the landing pages that users visit.

19. Social Searcher

Digital tools - hashtag analysis - Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a search engine for monitoring and analyzing content on various social media. It conducts analytics on the usual suspects, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, but also networks such as Google+,Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

The tool’s free features offer the ability to track hashtag submissions, content from users by username, and trending topics. There’s also the option to save searches and set up notifications to receive them to your email address. Our team finds the tool useful in tracking content posted by hashtags across multiple channels.

Social Searcher also offers premium Social Monitoring capabilities for your brand, mention tracking and analytics tools that our team can’t give you an opinion or recommendation on because we haven’t tested them yet.

Alternative: Hashtagify

20. Zapier

Digital Tools - Process Automation - Zapier


Zapier is a leader in process automation solutions. The platform offers integrations with over 3,000 tools including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics. This makes it a great assistant to any marketer. With its help, you can save time and resources by automating processes such as:

  • Facebook Conversion API setup;
  • sending a message/email to new Leads;
  • inserting new leads into CRM or database;
  • publishing content on different communication channels (social media, website, etc.).

What are the biggest advantages of Zapier?

  • You can choose from thousands of ready-made templates for integrations between different tools to automate your processes with just a few clicks
  • Large amount of training materials for working with the platform
  • Free plan to test the tool
  • Flexible paid plans based on actual tool usage
  • High security in handling personal data

Alternative – LeadsBridge

21. TweetDeck

Digital Tools - Twitter Content Scheduling and Monitoring - TweetDeck
Digital Tools – Twitter Content Scheduling and Monitoring – TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a completely free content scheduling and monitoring tool that lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts at once. The app’s features include scheduling and pre-scheduling tweets, the ability to create your own collections of different content, help you keep track of trending hashtags and their evolution, and much more. TweetDeck’s look and feel is designed to make it easy for regular and new users alike. The app features themselves help to professionally manage each account in true “Twitter” style.

The app is designed for browser – no installations and no downloads. And again – its services are completely free!

What is the biggest advantage of TweetDeck? Not having to log in and out every time you need to track something in one of the many accounts you manage! Here everything is in one place. The downside is that it only works with Twitter.

22. LeadSync

Digital tools - processing of received leads - LeadSync

The tool helps to timely process the resulting leads while they are still “warm”. This is very important to do as soon as possible after filling out the Lead Generation form on Facebook. Leadsync plays the role of the liaison between advertising and the Sales team, who have to take the leads. This is done by setting up the tool, which sends the received data directly to a specified email address or as an SMS to a phone number, it can also connect to different CRM systems. That is, the received leads do not have to be pulled and sent every time there is a new lead, but the process is automated.

What is the biggest advantage of Leadsync?

Leadsync is easy to set up and use, and its support team responds promptly to any questions. Its biggest advantage is the time it saves the companies sales team. Thanks to Leadsync, the process of handling warm leads is made significantly easier and faster, which increases the chance of converting them into real customers. This way no time is wasted on relaying information between different units.