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@ ariana.radler – 0.0% alcohol and 100% freshness

We had to make Ariana’s Instagram profile the main communication platform for Ariana Radler 0.0%, as well as focus the audience’s attention on natural ingredients, new flavors, freshness and the perfect combination of soft beer and fruit juice.

The beginning

Ariana is a doyen in offering radler drinks on the Bulgarian market – both with a low percentage of alcohol of 1.8% and completely non-alcoholic – 0.0%. In June last year, the brand added two new flavors to the 0.0% series and so Ariana Radler’s 0.0% alcohol flavors became four – lemon, raspberry, orange and grapefruit, dark lemon.

superHUMANs are super fresh, they love fruits and one more thing – they are born explorers seeking for new adventures. That’s why we took on the taste challenges of the non-alcoholic Ariana Radler!

The task

We had to make Ariana’s Instagram profile the main communication platform for Ariana Radler 0.0%, as well as focus the audience’s attention on natural ingredients, new flavors, freshness and the perfect combination of soft beer and fruit juice.


We took the time to research Instagram trends and test the most appropriate formats. We looked at campaigns of world brands, we were curious about the feed of influencers at home and abroad, we peeked into the compositions of our most artistic followers. We also collaborated with the client’s ideas all the time, and in the end we just made the radlers come to life and reveal their harmonious fruity soul.

Although overflowing with creative solutions, our work on the brand is always guided by several considerations: the visions make sense both separately and together, and the main rule is that creative ideas do not interfere with the realization of advertising. Therefore, in order to be as efficient as possible, we had to structure the process of execution of the final product.

Every month we start with brainstorming for new fruit incarnations. Then we create a color grid to guide us during the photo shoot and post-production. We pre-determine the visions for installation and photograph the necessary fruit, cups or cans, in the appropriate perspective and lighting. In this way we install the objects in their natural environment, with the right shadows and light.

When reviewing the preview of the future feed, we decide where we can use another design trend – bold text in the visions. For them, we choose word combinations from the creative hat of the brand, such as “Time is for a dark lemon ”, or ambiguities such as“ I like strawberries with mint ”and others.


We launched Ariana Radler’s Instagram profile with situational visions depicting fresh moments – we sat on the edge, played tennis and carried pitchers to our friends. And at one point we decided we needed to move all Radler-appropriate occasions to copywriting.

The truth is that all the time we all secretly wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that the Instagram grid offers us. We all fell short of heart when we confessed, and then there was nothing to stop us. With each posting plan, Ariana Radler’s profile went through different phases.

We relied on minimalist color visions set in chess, with a sense of more freedom.

From the colorful space, filled only with drops of freshness or slices of delicacies, we smoothly moved to more and more complete sets.
Until we came up with whole compositions suitable for horizontal grids of three photos or images with repetitive rhythmic elements
In the taste constellation of Ariana Radler 0.0% a new star rose – that of Strawberry and Mint. It was with her that we once again upgraded the standard posting of content on Instagram. After experimenting enough with lights, shapes and different sensations, it was time to break the triple horizontal grid and start creating vertical compositions, top views of 4 squares and semantic interweaving from set to set.
Regardless of the storyboarding, we relied on different video formats all the time – such as stop-motions, timelaps and eye-pleasing moments. 90% of our content is realized on the basis of photo sessions, and the remaining 10% we supplement with super up-to-date design 3D elements, as well as texts to the visions.
When the final touches on the visual layout have been made, the work on copywiting begins. In the case of Ariana Radler 0.0% and given the specifics of Instagram as a strong visual platform, we use the text as an accompanying element to the creatives. We are talking mainly about the natural ingredients of the drink and its refreshing taste.
Ex .: Prepared with non-alcoholic dark beer and tempting lemon juice, Ariana Radler 0.0% Dark lemon is the sip of freshness we often dream of.

Communicating Ariana’s non-alcoholic radler allows us to paint many situations in which the audience can enjoy it.
Ex .: Light carbonated meetings for sweet stories and delicious desserts!

Often the copy completes the text in the vision – for example, after “We like strawberries with mint”, we would add: “And we are sure that you will like the strawberry freshness and mint aftertaste, from the first sip.”

And sometimes copies are as abstract as visions.
Ex: They jump out of their citrus orbits and land right in Ken Ariana Radler 0.0% Mix orange and grapefruit.


The specificity of the product allows us to unleash our imagination constantly. Sometimes we open a raspberry kennel and our boho essence starts to pose, other times the rich aroma of orange and grapefruit just reminds us of a cozy Christmas Eve, and the still life is ready before we adjust the lighting. With the non-alcoholic Ariana Radler we are ready for sweet chit-chat afternoons, sophisticated soirees or fusion desserts.

The freshness of the soft drink overflows out of the feed and soon the fruits will settle among your store. Be alert.

You can also see the case study in the video we did on the case:


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