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“Growing up together” with BRITANICA Park School

What was the situation when the client came to us?

Today may not be 1st June, but any day when the child feels significant and valued while curiously exploring the world can be considered a holiday. That is why we accepted a cause as our own. The first private park school in Bulgaria – BRITANICA Park School opened its doors in September 2019. The new generation school combines innovative teaching methods with a complete atmosphere for family environment and comfort. We liked the freedom and unadulterated behavior that the creators of BPS adhere to, developing the individual capabilities of each child.

What was our goal?

That is why four months before the start of the new school year and the first for BRITANICA Park School, we set our goals together. We knew we needed to reach out to potential parents and children to learn about the range of opportunities provided by BPS. Our priority was the completed forms for meetings and consultations, as well as actually registered children in different age groups.

What decision did we make and what approach did we use?

We started with an analysis of the site, noting the need for additional information that would give depth to the user path and enable parents to get answers to more questions.

We had to take into account the children’s charge and the school atmosphere, while at the same time taking into account our messages to parents. That’s how we made it diversified portfolio from different media, formats and content. We took into consideration the academic program – kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and high school – to determine the target audiences and a specific media plan for each area. This has made us flexible in the management and priorities of each category on a weekly basis.

In addition, we prepared creatives with different accents to go on a / b test so we could find out what excites parents more – the program or the modern campus.

The next step was to create content and highlights within 3 months to keep the project close to parents and to acquaint them with the development and all the news around it. “

Which channels and formats did we bet on?

And if it is clear that children can always be found in the great adventures and on the playground, now it was time to talk to mom and dad. But this was not a meeting with the class. We searched for them on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display (GDN, GSP + REM) and Premium articles in various media. We opted for the following formats: static banner, carousel, lead generation, posts, stories, Google Ads – HTML5 banners, short videos and articles.

What audiences did we use?


We targeted people with an interest in competitors, friends of the site’s fans, engaged users, parents, and job positions. We included audiences of people with similar interests and digital behavior of those who committed to the Facebook page and have already converted. The remarketing campaign was conducted with the following audiences:  remarketing facebook engaged users, remarketing landing pages and those who watched at least 50% of the videos.


BRITANICA Park School has its own park, which brings children as close as possible to the ecological way of life. And speaking of eco – in the Google ecosystem we relied on search advertising in combination with display campaigns. Search advertising was structured based on the expected searches of users: the service that users search for; age of the child; competitors and brand keywords. 

For display drips, we opted for several types of targeting:

  • Interests – Aimed at Parents; Interests related to baby and children’s products; Interests related to the specific services offered by Britanica;
  • Placements  – targeting advertising positions on specific sites that we believe are of interest to our target audience;
  • Audiences,  similar to the already converted ones, and those for which the Google Ads system gives us an indication that they are more inclined to convert;
  • Remarketing  audience.

11% of all users who visited the site through one of the Google channels have performed one of the most important actions for us – sending an inquiry, clicking on the phone number or visiting the contact page. The highest percentage is reported in the search campaign, which includes only searches for private kindergartens in Sofia – 25%.

What conclusions did we draw?

Within three months, we were back to our student excitement, and this was not the old Back To School campaign that any marketer would think of. And now we take off our backpacks and take out our notes:

The search campaign was the main focus of the communication mix and with the highest priority of all channels. Our ads were active with excellent Impression Share between 80 and 97% in their various categories. The audiences with the most conversions and the highest Conversion rate are the remarketing audiences of users who have committed to the content, as well as users who have visited the landing page.
We have the highest CTR from Facebook posts – it reached over 23%. As expected, the greatest interest is in the “kindergarten” direction. In 58% of cases, users send a request after passing through only one communication channel.

What were the results in numbers?

For a period of 3 months:


  • over 37,000 site visits
  • over 200,000 Facebook audiences
  • Search – 80 – 97% Impression Share in its various categories
  • Google and Facebook pay 79% of paid advertising for the site, with 67% of requests supported.
  • 136 requests sent during the campaign
  • An additional 135 clicks on the phone number
  • over 5000 unique visits to the contact page
  • school category – 81 new enrolled children out of a total of 308 (26% new children from marketing activation)
  • Kindergarten category 55 enrolled children out of a total of 82 (67% new children from marketing activation)

You can also see the case study in the video we did on the case:


Toyota Case Study carousel

Toyota Hybrid – I know why

Our customer Toyota Balkans turned to us to achieve one of the most important goals of the company for 2016 - 100% increase in sales of the company's range of hybrid cars.


IUVO Case Study carousel

Direct response and lead generation campaign for IUVO GROUP OŰ Estonia

Our client IUVO GROUP OŰ Estonia turned to us with a great challenge - presenting a new investment opportunity for Bulgaria - peer-to-peer.

The aim of the campaign was to present the platform to the most relevant audience, to gather a sufficient number of leads from interested target users and to create expectations for the next phase.


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Summer campaign for consumers on the Black Sea coast

Our client Valmark came to us with the challenge to increase the visibility and sales of Beliema from Idelin in the summer - one of the strongest seasons for the product. Our strategy was to provide quality content plus segmented targeting to reach the right users at the right time.



When a change in the original concept may be your best ally

Or how timely analysis of the results reminded us again that there are no universal solutions to work in every channel, and what we did with this information

Last summer, our client Fintrade launched a new communication platform - "Ally". The development of an entirely new landing page and the replacement of existing messages and vision with new ones led to a decline in results. Conversion rate in their main communication channels Google Search and Facebook reported a decline of over 50% in the first days of the campaign.


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Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume

We have all come across the clichés used in advertisements for detergents:

  • Housewives who love to wash dishes;
  • Children who are constantly dirty;
  • Softeners that they bring to a parallel reality;

The Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume campaign was aimed at escaping them.
In the lines below you can find out what approach we decided to bet on, how we implemented it and what it led to.




We present you our case study in connection with one of the largest Investor events.
The fifth consecutive "Pregnancy and Child Health Forum" is one of the largest and most recognizable forums of this nature, which this year managed to gather nearly 2,000 guests in two days.


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What was the situation when the client came to us?
We all know who aladinfoods are, so we can afford to skip the introduction section. As you read this, you know who we are and what we do. You may already be solving the puzzle of why we met and wanted to work together. And the missing piece is the online store, where you can order food for home.


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Culinary competition with "Homeland"

A video campaign realized with the help of PRESTIGE 96 and their loyal audience
You know that the topic of sweets is a sensitive topic - for men and women, for young and old. In the Xplora office, however, the jam is respected and the truth is that we have no problem with it. Not only is our afternoon breakfast guaranteed, but the imagination of every hidden talent in cooking allows itself to run wild with the products of Prestige 96.


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In winter, the sweetest thing is to dream of a warm summer and a cooling beer in hand. Let's do it together while talking about Zagorka IPA - the Bulgarian beer according to a British recipe. With its pronounced citrus bitterness and aromas, it was created for people in Bulgaria looking for new and different beer flavors, while at the same time presenting them with a beer close to their favorite taste.


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Campaign with Eva

If you follow the profiles of Batiste Bulgaria, you have surely noticed a mysterious lady who sweetly talks about her daily life and how many times she has been "saved" from dry shampoo. Yes, that's me - Eva. I love to share my beautiful days with you - and not that I lead a fabulous lifestyle, I just know how to see beauty in the smallest things.


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@ ariana.radler – 0.0% alcohol and 100% freshness

We had to make Ariana's Instagram profile the main communication platform for Ariana Radler 0.0%, as well as focus the audience's attention on natural ingredients, new flavors, freshness and the perfect combination of soft beer and fruit juice.


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How Viessmann educated the whole segment about what heat pumps are and what their prices are

Some projects turn us into master confectioners, others teach us how to use "GG" in everyday communication. There are projects that help us easily find the "out of the box" space and those in which we work harder to enter the boundaries of the box. Working with Viessmann was a little bit of everything, but most of all, a big dream of all of us came true - to be magicians and to manage the seasons. And before you offer us to wave a stick and say "Action, summer", let's tell you a little more about the specifics of this particular "magic".


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