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Standing out in the market for baby and children’s goods is not child’s play. But working on our first joint campaign with Lorelli was a pleasure, rewarded with success. Together we managed to overcome the challenges and meet the needs of parents in their quest to care for their children, presenting them the new collection of strollers Lorelli.


Who are Lorelli?

If you haven’t heard of Lorelli yet, you probably haven’t had to look for any of their products before. Lorelli is one of the market leaders in baby and children’s products, offering its wide product range through a large distribution network. The company works with some of the largest retail chains in the country and over 50 other countries. Lorelli brand products are innovative, high quality and affordable.

Aim of the campaign

It is the innovations and the company’s relentless strive to offer up-to-date solutions in line with the latest trends that dictate the constant growth of their product portfolio with annual new collections. The aim of our first joint campaign was to present the new collection of strollers to a wide audience and to provoke a desire in consumers to learn more about it. Desire, which in the process of the campaign to turn into a purchase decision.


Even before we launched our digital campaigns, we realized that we were facing a number of challenges on the way to achieving our goal – both at the business level and at the advertising level. Some of them were caused by the highly competitive environment, and others by the way Lorelli products are sold. Along with the advantages, the use of a wide distribution network is also associated with difficulties in coordinating promotional activities and traceability of results.

What did we assume at the beginning of the campaign?

We started the preparation for the advertising campaign with several hypotheses: 

  • Our main targets are women. 
  • We need to reach our target audiences several times with messages tailored to the stage of the user path they are in so that we can move them forward on their path – from getting to know the products, to looking for more information about where they are available and subsequent purchase.
  • Expected greatest interest in the distribution network from remarketing audiences. 
  • The videos will be of greater interest to women. 
  • We will need wide variety of information and attractive resources to provoke consumer interest and stand out from the competition.

What formats and messages did we use?

The specifics of the campaign, the expected challenges and the hypotheses made dictated the choice of advertising formats and channels. We’ve planned a Google Search ad designed to cover the maximum number of searches. We set a large part of the budget for awareness channels (Facebook, Instagram, GDN, Youtube), without putting remarketing audiences in the background.

We used a mix of videos with different duration, feel and focus (on the product, emotion or situation); static banners announcing the new collection; stories; FB carousels and Google Ads HTML 5 banners with different models and colors of strollers. In preparing the texts for the ads, we decided to rely on both the functional characteristics of the products and their design and related emotions. We wanted to talk to both men and women, rational consumers and impulsive buyers, to present the benefits of products, but also to create emotion.

What did you actually observe during the campaign?

  • Men are very active in choosing children’s products. In the Search campaigns for them we reported a higher Conversion rate, longer time spent on the site, more pages viewed. We also reported better results for them in the video campaigns, where we observed a higher View rate when targeting men. 
  • All Facebook users, without exception, click at the beginning of the carousel – no need to browse and read too much in the ad.
  • Long user paths with significant differences in consumer behavior depending on the stage of the user path at which they are. 

Did our expectations clash with reality?

As we gain experience, we learn to make better hypotheses. It is no less valuable, however, that we learn not to accept them as unconditionally true, as well as how to react when they do not correspond to reality. Although we expected more interest from the ladies, we tailored some of the advertising messages and resources to the male part of our target audience. Even before the start of the campaigns, we consulted Think with Google, other online resources, and parents in our environment to make sure we don’t step forward with the wrong messages or miss important audiences.

A few numbers for the finale

Nothing would have made sense if it had not led to the desired results. That’s why we share them: 

new visitors to the site


more sessions on the site


more reseller page views


more views of contact information

And the most important


20% increase in sales in the stroller category during the digital campaign

You can also see the case study in the video we did on the case:



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