Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume


We have all come across the clichés used in advertisements for detergents:

  • Housewives who love to wash dishes
  • Children who are constantly dirty
  • Softeners that they bring to a parallel reality

The Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume campaign was aimed at escaping them.
In the lines below you can find out what approach we decided to bet on,  how we realized it and what it led to. 

We set a goal

To increase the visibility of the Medix Alvina Deluxe Perfume fabric softener series.


Creating a landing page with which in an elegant and engaging way to acquaint consumers with the advantages of the product over its competitors. We talked about the precious oils in perfumes that make fabric softeners long-lasting and attractive, focusing the audience’s attention on the 5 fragrances that correspond to the color code of each package.

We relied on the following MECHANISM

The presentation of the individual elements of each fragrance through a pyramid of fragrances, including interesting information about it – from details about the origin of the fragrance to what its impact is.
Apart from the fascinating descriptions, the users are additionally motivated to “unlock” the fragrances with a game that includes thematic prizes.

Guided by several ACCENTS

Aromatic pyramids, beauty and aesthetics, the power of the influence of aromas, precious aromatic oils in perfumes.

THE CHANNELS we bet on

Facebook, Instagram, Google (GDN + REM)

We have included a variety of FORMATS

Static banner, carousel, posts, stories, Google Ads – HTML5 banners


Facebook and Instagram:

  • Fans of the Facebook page
  • Interests – related to household and perfumes
  • Audiences – similar to those already engaged with Instagram and Facebook page, similar to Facebook fans and similar to those who have already converted
  • Audience remarketing


  • Placements – targeting advertising positions on specific sites that we believe are of interest to our target audience  – etc.,,,,,  and other
  • Interests – related to home and interior
  • Audiences that are already convertible and that the Google Ads system gives us an indication that they are more likely to convert
  • Audience remarketing

Key conclusions

We report the most unlocks for the product Exclusive (the latest addition to the collection), followed by Magnetic.

Bergamot, mandarin and green apple have the most unique unlocks.
We report over 15,000 unlocked products.

High commitment to the game – participants unlock an average of 3.93 products out of a total of 5 * we can round it to 4

Generated great interest in the campaign and a significant% of unpaid traffic to the site – over 15% of  sessions are the result of direct traffic and over 10% – of  referral traffic from Facebook.

It is noteworthy that mainly on the expectations that women are more engaged in the game, there is no significant difference in the Conversion Rate based on the gender of users.

The Instagram story advertising format was very good, reporting one of the highest values of the Conversion rate for the entire campaign of 40.10% for successful registration.

Results in numbers

  • 3,551 successful registrations
  • 1,526 logins with Facebook profile
  • 15,097 unlocked products

You can also see the case study in  the video we made on the case:


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