ZagorkaIPA Началото

Zagorka IPA – Bulgarian beer according to a British recipe

In winter, the sweetest thing is to dream of a warm summer and a cooling beer in hand. Let’s do it together while talking about Zagorka IPA – the Bulgarian beer according to a British recipe. With its pronounced citrus bitterness and aromas, it was created for people in Bulgaria looking for new and different beer flavors, while at the same time presenting them with a beer close to their favorite taste.  


If you have worked with beer so far, then you know that the end result behind each campaign is that it ends with a purchase by the consumer. The equivalent of this goal, achievable in digital, is to reach the largest possible number of target users in which to build the image of beer and how it fits into their daily lives.


We needed a communication platform that could withstand both the “looks” of all UNDERSTANDERS and those who are just curious but skeptical about the unfamiliar style of beer. We found her in the very essence of beer  – Bulgarian beer according to a British recipe. And we told ourselves it was too cool not to tell.

This was followed by in-house brainstorming meetings, in which the Design, Content, Facebook Performance and PM team formed Voltron and focused on determining when people would consume Zagorka IPA. The result did not slow down – seven situations were revealed, following the main idea behind the product – the good  from Great Britain, which we can turn into a favorite beer here .

And here’s how we saw the situations – if the British have fish and chips, then we have sprayed with french fries and she goes weird with beer . The British summer, though variously good, is not like that the Bulgarian, which you can spend all in a swimsuit – and with a beer in hand . Politeness in British and that in Bulgarian was with exactly 2 pieces Zagorka IPA difference . And for the afternoons and the classic Bulgarian “bench party” beer parties  we all know.

All we have to do is tell it to everyone. 🙂 For this purpose, we created a cool landing page for the audience to find out how they would consume the beer based on the answers that other users gave. We put her in the specific situations and with a humorous note we invited her to choose the style they prefer – British or Bulgarian. So we challenged her to imagine how the product could fit into her daily life and brought her closer to the possibility of subsequent purchase.

The participation mechanism was easy, and through it we reminded at every step of the focus of activation and how you can best enjoy Zagorka IPA – chilled to 8-11 degrees and in cool company.

The whole communication was actively supported by content on social networks, which complemented the British situations in pure Bulgarian. We nodded “yes” as only we could to our typical “burgers” and gave each other cheers, because “our sunsets are beautiful, and our evenings are cool, and they are shared great on IPA.”


During the campaign period we managed to realize 28,538 visits to the site, which ended with users going through all the situations. 26,261 of them came from Facebook advertising. The total number of registrations for awards is 24,146 – 22,377 of them are from Facebook sessions. And this, of course, led to a very high conversion rate of the site from the advertising campaign on Facebook – 57%. 

We decided not to wait for the summer and reward ourselves for the effort, so we open a cold beer now and are ready for the next digital adventure.

* The performance part of the campaign was outside the scope of the agency.

You can see the case study in
the video we made on the case:


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