superHUMAN campaigns told by our clients

Britanica Park School
Britanica inner

“Maybe from the first step, ‘Research’, I decided that no matter how much our Indoor Marketing said that we would be fine, we needed professionals. Here we don’t approach it in the typical “Give me a window company or an advertising company” way – I figured I’d do my own research and that’s how I came to you. I’m especially happy that when I rang the phone you (Georgi Malchev) picked up. Literally in three sentences we got along and made an appointment. Yes, indeed the deadlines were impossible. But the job done was not only wonderfully done, it was brilliant.”

This is what Lubomir Lalov, who is the owner and manager of Britanica and Britanica Park School, told us. In the video you’ll learn what makes Britanica Centres unique, and how working with us has made it easier for them to reach the right audiences and position themselves on digital networks.