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“We made a very important decision when we started the Job board project, to work with a stable partner in the field of communications. In fact, we have been working with Xplora since day 1 and building the communication strategy together. We decided to do it because the Job board as a project is quite special and specific and has its challenges – on the one hand, it is a market place, that is, you have to manage both supply and demand in a market place very well. On the other hand, there is the service – job search is quite low frequency, i.e. on average people look for work once every three years, so it was important for us to work with a super stable partner like you and literally combine our knowledge of the field with narrow know-how that you have in the various channels. And for now, I think we’re doing pretty well! Some of the less trivial things that charge me personally that we have done are […] a narrower segmentation of the audiences who visit the Job Board. Something we’ve been working on for the last few months is also the different campaigns on different channels and their response, or how that translates to site traffic and the application. “

This was shared by Svetoslav, CEO of DEV.BG, the largest IT job board in Bulgaria. In our initial conversations with Sve, he gave us a clear signal that he sees digital as a key channel for the company’s success. “Challenge accepted,” we replied. And we are glad that we have confirmation that we have not left things there. How we coped – listen to his entire interview below: