superHUMAN campaigns told by our clients

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“We are trying to implement a hybrid model through offline and online interactions with consumers. Our top priority is to differentiate ourselves as a brand on a global level, and we do this through digital marketing, customising our approaches so that we can really deliver value to consumers. It’s important to us that the customer doesn’t just take one action towards the brand, just one like, just one purchase. We want our customers to be long-term, to have advocates, brand ambassadors.”

This is what Ailita Liteva, Head Of Marketing at TESY, the largest Bulgarian and leading European manufacturer of electric water heaters with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, told us. We celebrate the first half year of working with them with this interview and are grateful that the dedication, discipline and heart we put into our work does not go unnoticed.

What else she said about working with us, as well as helpful advice, can be found in our full interview with her: