Premium advertising and native advertising

In addition to the performance marketing campaigns we manage, we often, at the request of our clients, plan our presence in the major Bulgarian online media. This includes both standard media planning of banner formats of the CPM model, and more non-standard ones such as native, branded sections and themes, games with users and others. Our partners are flexible, creative and approach with an individual solution as well as a project for each of our clients. This makes it possible to reach the target users of the brand in the most appropriate and engaging way and to achieve maximum efficiency within the chosen media, which is the main focus of the agency.

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Premium advertising

Premium banner advertising is well known among Bulgarian advertisers. It is the purchase of certain banner positions and formats within a medium at a fixed price per 1000 impressions / CPM /. The use of this type of advertising is very suitable for large-scale national campaigns, where the main task is to reach large audience for information about a promotion, and looking for direct traffic to the site not at all cost. Large visible formats such as wallpaper / branding allow you to develop a creative idea within the banner itself. The other standard banner formats are an ideal addition to the performance of advertising channels, as they enrich the mix and expand the scope of the campaign.

Native advertising

Native content is distinguished by its individuality and is created according to the type of business and the needs of each individual client. It is positioned together with the rest of the author’s content of the media and respects its style of communication and creative approach. A campaign with native content can be either the publication of a single material or be deployed in a large project with a series of materials, games and different types of interaction with the audience. This includes suggestions for topics and content creation by the media, as well as the most appropriate method of distribution.


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