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Xplora is a marketing and digital agency focused on providing an impressive return on digital marketing investment for its clients in Bulgaria and around the world.

We have built a reputation for making our clients successful in achieving their business and marketing goals.

We fulfill and our responsibility is to create and share good practices that develop the field of digital marketing in Bulgaria.

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performance marketing
performance marketing

Performance marketing and advertising

Xplora has performance marketing DNA – this means that whatever we do we strive for a real impact on specific consumer behaviour. Therefore, we plan in detail the consumer journey and we look for the specific actions that are closest to the most relevant conversion for the respective business or brand.

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social media

We have a reputation for successfully developing our clients’ social media channels. How do we achieve it? When we talk to real people, we offer them content and interactions tailored to the channel and to the current state of the respective user group.

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Creative Visual Content

We need to offer the optimal visual elements to the users in order to get real benefits by going along the planned user path. Everything is subject to the agreed business and marketing goals – key vision, site, landing page, videos, banners, interactive elements, forms of participation and more.

Strategy and planning

Digital marketing is now marketing in the digital age. Subsequently, we have a responsibility to cover all aspects of marketing. From building on trends, analyzing real needs and actual consumer behaviour, monitoring competition, through testing and validation of audiences, products and services, to sales and management of engaged audiences. We have a reputation for detailed planning and flawless execution.


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“The strength of PRESTIGE is that we produce and offer irresistibly delicious products of excellent quality. We are happy that the Xplora team is our long-time trusted partner and supporter in this journey. It is important for us that together, at a high level of expertise and creativity, we develop our company and brands digitally in an even faster and more adaptable way so that PRESTIGE remains in the hearts of consumers and is a symbol of the latest digital trends. ”


Darina Stoyanova
Executive Director, Prestige 96

“For 3 years now, we have trusted Xplora to take care of our company’s core brand, Queen’s. In addition to maintaining the brand’s social networks, they stand out with creative digital campaigns and innovative approaches. For me, they are also the agency that does extremely good media planning and provides the most detailed reports. I am grateful to them for growing and evolving together in the digital world. ”


Savina Palikareva
marketing manager of Timbark Bulgaria EOOD

“We have been working with Xplora for years. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the best digital marketing agency in Bulgaria. Together we created some of the most successful campaigns in the history of our company, and probably in Bulgaria as a whole. If you don’t try them, you miss a lot. ”


Zdravko Minchev
CEO of confectioneries Sunday

“When I work with Xplora, everything becomes easy. And before we started with the agency, we knew what we wanted to achieve as a digital presence, but when the company does it alone, things don’t go very well. When you find the right agency, things seem to start happening on their own. ”


Kalina Petkova
Schneider Electric’s marketing communications for Bulgaria, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo

“Xplora is our faithful partner in every digital challenge we face. Their unwavering desire to deliver the best solution with the most effective means, accuracy and professionalism – all this makes me feel safe when we work together. “


Maria Metodieva
Marketing Manager Whirpool Bulgaria

“We chose to work with Xplora for several non-bank financial companies in the MFG Group. To our delight, they showed very quickly that they understand our business models and our customers so that we can achieve our goals in the digital space! Their commitment helps us constantly. to optimize our communication in the digital space and get closer to our users. Great team! “


Elitsa Serafimova
Head of Brands Management, Financial Group Management

“In the face of Xplora, we found a professional partner to help us achieve our goals in digital communication. Thanks to Xplora we understand our customers better and reach them faster and more efficiently. The team of the agency is always on the line with great ideas, professional solutions, tracking and optimizing projects. All this makes me calm that our presence in the digital space is in safe hands. “


Daria Raleva
Microsoft Marketing Manager for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo

“Xplora is our digital partner that manages a comprehensive portfolio of brands. Their team achieved significant optimization in most of our campaigns a few months after the start of our partnership. I highly appreciate their results-focused approach and attention to detail. They always react quickly and are very committed to projects. With Xplora we do more than campaigns, we CONNECT with users. Thanks!”


Virginia Tosheva
Marketing Manager, Valmark Bulgaria

“In order for digital marketing to reflect business and have sufficient ROI, you need people who know what, how and why people do online and know how to use digital tools effectively. Xplora is our choice in this challenge. ”


Hristo Iliev
Executive Chairman, Founder and Chief Shareholder, Capital AG

“Xplora has been our partner in digital communication with customers for almost 6 years. We have trusted the company entirely to manage BLD’s online presence and to promote our messages to our target audience digitally. Together we create media planning, and they often guide and advise us on the right formats and guidelines for visual materials to use. As a result of this long-term partnership, we enjoy a very good and focused communication environment and thus achieve our target for inquiries and sales. ”


Irina Kaneva
sales and marketing director of BLD

“Thanks to the statistics, which are absolutely clear and visible, we were able to learn in detail what are the motives of consumers to be our customers, what are our strengths, what are our weaknesses and where we need to improve. I think this is something that gives an awful lot of value to all the work together, and we can build a lot on that. ”


Vasil Parvanov
Marketing and Supply Manager at Aladin Foods

“There was really no time for me to feel unstable in these waters, and you always thought on an equal footing with me. You thought equally with us about the brand. You didn’t just apply rules that are feasible in a digital environment, but in fact you specified absolutely every move according to the goals we had. (…) It’s very rare to find a partner as a quality, because usually the clients, in fact the agencies, neglect more or less what the client wants, and in fact we are the ones who know our brand. ”


Mirena Ivanova
event manager at Forbes Bulgaria

“And what we laid as a foundation in the beginning and what everyone needs to do is to first build their strategy for their business, the goals they want to achieve with digital marketing, to fill in the brief that you send, but not just to fill it, but to think things through, to set goals, to plan, to think campaign and always follow this path… And in fact this is something that you helped us with – to see this direction of movement and follow it , to make things much more thoughtful. ”


Martina Bozhanska
marketing director at the Metropolitan Hotel

“WOW” is that you always support me a lot in the “hot moments”. I know that I can always count on a professional opinion, which is sometimes required extremely quickly as a reaction. I know that you always stand by our side as a producer and you will always defend our interests. I know you will always tell me things as they are, even if I don’t always want to hear them, but I hear them later. So the most valuable thing for me is that I can count on Xplora when I need you. ”


Teodora Valchanova
marketing manager at Medix

“I’m looking for dedication, discipline, heart. That’s what I get from the whole Xplora team.”


Ailita Liteva
Head of Marketing at TESY

“Almost all the conversations with agencies I’ve had have started with the question of what the budget is. Establishing contact with the Xplora agency did not revolve around the budget. The attitude that the Xplora agency showed was the wow factor for us. You have taken enough time to analyze our product, we will explain it to you, but thanks to this joint time we have taken, the attitude you have towards us and our product gives us the opportunity to trust that when we want something done, it’s made by people who know the product and work with us. ”


Boris Milev
CEO of Tombou Bulgaria

“The first is that Xplora is very easy to work with, so they understand us. When we have a problem or an idea that we want to implement, as they say, we understand each other in half a word. The other thing that is also fundamental and one of the wow things in our work together is that things happen very quickly. (…) The third main thing that impresses us in our work together is that there is a clear planning of both the goals we set and the way in which these goals will be achieved. This makes it very easy for us, because we have a clear idea of how we will develop throughout the year and everyone is working on the points that concern him. “


Milena Petrova
sales service and marketing in Viessmann Bulgaria

“What Xplora has helped us understand is that we don’t really have to work sporadically and in such a campaign, but really be consistent in communication and consistent in our messages. What helped us was the super structured and organized information we received, the terribly fast response in the internal organization, if you will, with all the emails, meetings we did. ”


Любина Любенова
Wienerberger’s marketing manager for the Southern Balkans


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Clutch is a place where you can read verified detailed opinions from a specific client of the integrated digital marketing agency Xplora. You will find the business and marketing goals, the approach to choosing a digital agency, the scope, the time of working together and of course – the results.