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Xplora is a marketing and digital agency focused on providing an impressive return on digital marketing investment for its clients in Bulgaria and around the world.

We have built a reputation for making our clients successful in achieving their business and marketing goals.

We fulfill and our responsibility is to create and share good practices that develop the field of digital marketing.

If you want to check the storydoing approach of Xplora - we have made a special page for you 🙂

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human digital

One of the key principles is not just to have a mission, but to follow it. Even before formally establishing the agency, the three partners – Sasho, Vankata and Joro chose the slogan HUMAN DIGITAL for Xplora.

Since then, apart from a slogan, the culture at Xplora has been built on these three HUMAN DIGITAL approaches :

why xplora exists

In the summer of 2015, Joro, Sasho and Vankata met in Zaimov Park, just below Xplora’s future office, to agree on a vision for an integrated digital marketing agency that each of them believes in. The three have experience in working together – they have seen 2 and 200, they are familiar with good and bad practices in the management of companies and teams, as well as in digital marketing.

They joined forces to create the vision for HUMAN DIGITAL – an agency that speaks to real people, achieves significant marketing goals and gives full access to data and pricing to its customers. And a working atmosphere in which there is a feeling of family closeness in the team and friendly relations with clients and partners. The three of them liked the idea that digital marketing is a constant research and so the integrated digital marketing agency Xplora with the slogan HUMAN DIGITAL was born.

A few years later, the agency is already an example of culture and contribution to the digital marketing ecosystem – through shared good practices, teaching and showing how the right approach allows:

  • to develop a cohesive team of over 50 professionals;
  • to have over 100 active clients;
  • to build a reputation that makes our customers and team successful.


Georgi Malchev

Joro Malchev has over 24 years of business experience, management and marketing experience - he was a journalist, management consultant, chief operating officer, director of business development, member of boards of directors. Joro leads Xplora's strategic development as well as strategic planning for customers. He lives with #ExtremeResponsibility and #BeForExample - more on his blog - https://malchev.net.

Georgi Malchev

Managing Partner

Ivan Panteleev

Vankata has over 10 years of experience in managing digital, web and marketing projects. At Xplora, he is responsible for properly analyzing a company's business processes, creating a specific scope of a project, prioritizing and structuring a task within the agency so that it can reach the team in the right way and the corresponding flawless implementation of the project.

Ivan Panteleev

Partner and Director Account Management

Alexander Markov

Sasho has experience in digital performance channels for over 8 years and over 12 years of experience with web projects. Over the years he has strategically planned and implemented hundreds of successful digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Bulgaria and Europe. He ignited his passion for digital marketing first through Google Adwords, but later he specialized in social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, web projects ш you can think of the multi-armed Shiva. ????

Alexander Markov

Partner and director of business development


As a large and professional digital marketing agency, we have a large team and recognition for the expertise we have. Xplora is among the few Google Premier Partner agencies in Bulgaria, ie. top agencies in the Google ecosystem.

We have certificates for competencies of the agency and the team.

For us, the prizes are not an end in themselves, as we have received prizes not with videos specially created for the competition, but as we do our case studies – with as much information and details as possible. We have received recognition for digital sales, effective use of data, mobile marketing, service campaigns, new product campaigns and more.

IAB Bulgaria

Xplora became a member of IAB Bulgaria almost immediately after its establishment. Joro Malchev has been part of the Management Board since 2016 and over the years has led a number of initiatives such as the IAB Mixx Awards, IAB Forum, IAB Alarm Clock and others.

The Xplora team lectures at the IAB Digital Marketing Masterclass, IAB Influencer Marketing Advanced Masterclass, IAB Social Media Advanced Masterclass. Joro Malchev is chairman of the Commission for events, trainings and certification.

Google Premier Partner

Only agencies that achieve excellent results for their clients and meet a number of high criteria can be Google Premier Partner - the highest level in Google Partners. As early as 2016, Xplora was recognized as one of the agencies that most develops its customers in the Google ecosystem - growing not only through new accounts, but also by adding new ad formats, best practices and scaling of advertising budgets.

8 Google Certified specialists

Currently, the agency has 8 Google specialists certified for advertising in Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, Shopping, Apps and Google Analytics. Google ecosystem advertising certification is one of the key requirements for agencies to become part of Google Partners. And for us as an agency - among the key factors in selecting new members for the Google team. The certificates are a sign of a lot of knowledge and potential for providing high quality digital services.

Mailchimp Partner

Companies that have Mailchimp Partner Badge must meet a series of requirements. Among the conditions are how many active paid campaigns have developed in the account and whether the company's team is certified by the Mailchimp academy. This partnership status allows us to take advantage of various advantages over other agencies with email marketing services. With this additional knowledge and skills we add more value to our customers.

Golden Effie for Services

Xplora is the digital agency for Gold Credit's award-winning "Good Loans, Good Friends" campaign in the "Goods and Services" category.

The Effie Awards are for the effectiveness of marketing communication.

Silver Effie for product

Xplora is the digital agency for the RICEUP Silver Award-winning campaign! EAT SMART in the category "Goods" - for excellent results in establishing the product on the market.

The Effie Awards are for the effectiveness of marketing communication.

Silver Effie for Corporate Communications

Xplora is the digital agency for Groupama Insurance's silver award-winning "Here's Something Smart" campaign in the "corporate communications" category.

The Effie Awards are for the effectiveness of marketing communication.

IAB Mixx Silver for Effective Use of Data

It is not easy to sell heat pumps even online. We received an award, together with our client Viessmann, for the efficient use of data for the development of an entire segment in the online environment and, of course, for excellent results.

Here is the video for the digital campaign.

IAB Mixx Silver for Digital Sales

Selling Aladin Foods products online in competition with food delivery companies that have a much higher LTV (Lifetime Value) per customer is not easy. We have achieved excellent results in the Google ecosystem. There are no strong creative elements or costs for digital assets, but the goal is clear - to achieve excellent business and marketing results, which will be upgraded every month. Here is the video for the digital campaign.

our current customers

It is an honor and a privilege for us to have won the trust of so many customers and for them to continue working with us – so here we present only our current customers. They recommend us to other companies – based on the results achieved and because of our Human Digital approach, through which:


  • we talk to real consumers who perform important actions for the brand;
  • we explain in an understandable way and we are 100% transparent with data, budgets and pricing;
  • we create friendly relationships with our clients’ teams and make them successful.
текущи клиенти

success stories

From a digital marketing agency, you would seek knowledge first. It would be even better if she has skills and experience with companies and organizations like yours, namely – sector, business and marketing goals, phase and goals of digital marketing. But you would actually hire a digital marketing agency because of the results they have achieved and hope to achieve for you. We present interviews with business owners, marketing directors and managers – where they came from, what were the challenges, what was WOW for them, how digital marketing helps them to be successful.

careers at xplora

Xplora has the extreme responsibility of making its customers successful, and they, in turn, see a team working every day, ready to work with them to achieve significant marketing goals. That’s why we follow our Human Digital approach. For the partners and management of the agency there is another aspect of extreme responsibility – to make a team of superHUMANS. Professionals who are successful because:

  • bring real value to customers;
  • set an example of good practice in digital marketing and society;
  • develop their potential in digital marketing, but also upgrade as individuals;
  • are part of a developing team;
  • have support through daily personal mentoring, interesting projects, regular and specific feedback, annual and quarterly development plan.

We work hard, but we have no less fun.

xplora преподава 1

Xplora teaches


We have not just experience, but recognition for excellent training and courses in digital marketing. We combine both theory, but at the level of applicable models, and specific techniques. We apply everything we teach in practice and we have validated that it achieves optimal results – strategy, planning, digital campaigns, advertising, performance marketing, creation of digital assets, etc.

We teach at several universities, we have Xplora Academy – a specialized company for courses and trainings, and Xplora conducts specialized trainings for clients and custom trainings for medium and large companies.

Xplora academy


When you have a vocation to develop the digital marketing industry, and in particular young people, as well as marketing professionals – a logical step is to make a specialized academy. As teachers, we have excellent feedback on the courses we have taken in the IAB Masterclass program, Softuni Digital, 9 Academy, BEIED, the American program for Bulgaria and many other places.

Xplora Academy specializes in digital marketing courses – online, offline and hybrid, as well as targeted consulting for small and medium businesses.

xplora academy 1

causes and volunteering

The world is changing by our example, not by our opinion. We believe that values are manifested in actions, so we believe a lot in storydoing over storytelling. Since its inception, Xplora stands behind the values that it is up to each of us to make the world a better place.

Pay it forward

Georgi Malchev is the co-founder of the Pay It Forward Foundation which supports municipal hospices for elderly people throughout Bulgaria. Over the years Xplora's team has been actively involved in the workshops and numerous activities.


The team of Reach for Change turned to us for advice and specific support for advertising, It is an honor and a privilege for us to help their amazing team.

PULS Foundation

We are always impressed by Julia and the whole team of the foundation for what they are doing to support victims of domestic violence. Every moment and every penny of support is worth it. The ladies from our team appreciated the bouquets of textile tulips, made by mothers in need and supporting the foundation.

"There is a way" Foundation

"Weave Warmth" is a charity campaign that touches us deeply - helping the homeless. In addition to marketing support and participation in the initiatives of the foundation, we have chosen the Christmas gifts for our team to be in favor of the causes of "Weave Warmth".