Xplora Academy

The Academy is a subsidiary of Xplora and allows us to share best pracices and provide consultations.

Why Xplora Academy?

Ever since the agency was founded, we knew we had to have our focus. We know who Xplora’s target customers are and that many professionals and companies will not be targeted. So when the time came, we realized our idea for Xplora Academy. The academy has structured knowledge based on the vast experience of the Xplora team, which shows how to successfully manage the individual elements of digital marketing. Through Xplora Academy you can train or provide training to people from your team in the relevant areas of digital marketing, as well as receive specific guidelines on what to improve and upgrade.

Who teaches and consults at Xplora Academy?

The Academy is a subsidiary of Xplora with partner Lenko Yordanov, who is the Digital Campaigns and Strategies Manager at the agency. Lenko manages a large team in the field of content and advertising in digital channels and has over 9 years of experience in conducting courses, training and consulting.
The other speakers at Xplora Academy are people with relevant experience at Xplora:

Joro Malchev

managing partner at Xplora, leading strategic marketing areas and advice

Ivan Panteleev

partner in Xplora, who leads the strategic approach in the development of campaigns and digital channels

Georgi Semkov

a manager at Xplora who leads the Google Ecosystem course with his team

Other professionals from Xplora

who share structured knowledge within individual courses or consultations.
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Training from Xplora Academy

Our many years of experience in conducting courses and trainings is the basis of the training model of Xplora Academy:


  • The courses in the platform are available in online format, as well as if possible and at the request of the learners – hybrid or in-person
  • We also conduct face-to-face trainings, which are announced in the “Face-to-face trainings” section . Here you can see how the first Instagram marketing training went.
  • The courses cover various elements of digital marketing.
  • They are structured by areas and each course has a detailed description.
  • Each subtopic is a separate lecture, which is specially recorded and processed. This ensures that it is short (between 5 and 10 minutes), gives maximum clarity, and is focused on the applicable knowledge.
  • Anyone can watch several free lectures and see some of the materials from the course before recording it.
  • If you wish, you can purchase an exam to test your ability to set up and optimize ads on Google or Facebook. During the exam you receive detailed feedback, which ensures the acquisition of real advertising management skills.


In the platform of the academy you will find many webinars that provide plenty of practical advice in specific areas. Webinars are free, you only need to register on the platform.

    We strongly advise you to check out the blog for more useful information.

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      Consulting from Xplora Academy

      Many companies do their own digital marketing. Sometimes, even quite often, they need an external professional look and direction. It is for such companies that we created the consultations by Xplora Academy – they are for:

      • Content Marketing
      • Google advertising
      • Facebook advertising
      • SEO

      There is a basic consultation in one of these areas or more in-depth. Imagine a detailed analysis and interpretation of the available information and specific recommendations, which we will discuss in detail. The responsibility to realize them is yours – yours and your team’s.

      Recommended courses at Xplora Academy

      If you are a professional who is already involved in advertising in the Facebook ecosystem, we highly recommend the course “Successful sales funnels on Facebook” . This is a short and focused course at an extremely attractive price that will help you be a more successful professional and will give you guidelines on how to step by step structure a user path from scratch to the moment when it fulfills its goal – engagement, traffic, leads or sales.

        Comprehensive digital marketing program

        A program led by experts with many years of experience in online marketing and teaching at leading universities and programs, with over 15,000 trained students

        Instagram Marketing - Online Course

        Instagram has established itself as one of the largest social networks in Bulgaria with great influence on the audience. Learn every subtlety of the platform and how to use it properly, whether you are just starting out, have a small or medium business, or have decided that influencer is your strength.

        Google Ads - Online course

        The training is in online format, and the lectures are pre-recorded. It is entirely practical and in addition to a lot of new knowledge, you will receive a lot of advice, recommendations and guidance.

        Facebook courses

        Facebook advertising courses - from beginner courses to master classes. Learn the intricacies of advertising in the most popular social network from our specialists.


        More than 1,400 people have taken Xplora Academy courses – see what some of them share:

          unnamed file
          “Thanks to the course I gained really applicable knowledge and skills in the field of Facebook advertising. Going through it was extremely useful for me, because it gave me a solid theoretical and practical basis on which to step when I start my internship and work. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to do Facebook advertising or is already doing it, but wants to refresh and upgrade their knowledge. ”


          Angel Nikolov
          Advertising Specialist
          “A very well-structured course that lays the foundations of Facebook advertising. Thanks to the many examples and help materials, it is easy to learn. A big plus are the bonus tutorials and links that delve into digital marketing. ”


          Krasian Vulkov
          “The course was extremely valuable and useful for me, because my previous knowledge,
          related to Facebook advertising, were further enriched, strengthened and acquired
          stable practical skills. This practical foundation gave me that confidence already
          I can handle and run Facebook advertising on its own
          optimization, as well as relying on the analysis representing the success of the advertising format. ”


          Christine Borisova