TikTok Presence Management

Do businesses have a place on TikTok and is the platform suitable for your marketing strategy? We can answer that question and surprise you with answers you did not expect – like that you can successfully use TikTok for employer brand development and recruiting. More and more users are starting to use the app on a daily basis and more brands are able to reach, and engage new audiences thanks to the benefits of the video format. Are you intrigued? Take a look at our portfolio to find out more.

Xplora BG – employer branding content

We created Xplora’s digital integrated marketing agency account the way we do for every client – starting with research and developing a TikTok content strategy. In our videos we emphasize on the humorous side of working in digital marketing, but we also often touch on the topic of office life in general. We share with our audience behind the scenes moments as well as helpful tips from a professional perspective. We talk to users as friends and show ourselves as we really are in real life. First we are human, then digital.

Spoko wafers – product content

Spoko’s main target is teenagers and this naturally led to the creation of the brand’s TikTok profile. And in order to reach them successfully, we spoke their language – with memes, funny situations from everyday life and videos of a fully engaging nature in which we ask them interesting questions. We’ve also taken into account Gen Z’s sentiment on product endorsements, so in our videos we show them as part of everyday life rather than as a specific focus.

Aladin foods – partnership with creators

Using creatives as part of the content strategy brings humor and a sense of accessibility. That’s why we took this approach when creating the TikTok profile for Aladin Foods. We looked for the right people – creative and fresh, who can create fun content in the style of the brand, but are also already familiar faces on the platform. And with our first videos we hit over 100K views. We listened to our audience and to this day we continue to create content with a great deal of humor with a focus on products.