GDPR aka personal data in a digital agency

The GDPR is a European regulation that sets out a number of requirements regarding the processing of personal data. And as everyone knows, marketing is "fed" by signals, and signals in context, i.e. - There is often personal data.

How do you ensure compliance with GDPR requirements?

Xplora Digital Agency has chosen for its law firm and for DPO (Data Privacy Officer) one of the leading law firms in terms of work and protection of personal data in the digital environment. Together with the law firm, we have developed and implemented good practices regarding GDPR. At Xplora, we are proud that some of our approaches have been identified by the firm as good practices. Resulting in recommending, in turn, to their clients – administrators or personal data processors.

Do you have experience with GDPR for multinational companies?

When it come to personal data protection the fact is that some multinational companies have their own very specific or beyond the usual practices in digital marketing in Bulgaria policies. We resolve all issues together with the law firm, which greatly facilitates the process.