Digital marketing for training companies

Educational services have a number of specifics, including in digital marketing. Like any service you do not know what quality it will be and whether it is really the best for them until you receive it. But there are also specifics related to telling the elements of the value proposition of the educational organization or company:


  • Teaching methodology
  • Infrastructure – physical and / or online
  • Teachers
  • Success of the trainees and others

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How do we help companies offering training in digital marketing?

Among the biggest challenges in the digital marketing of training services and related services, we have identified and validated:


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    Research and analysis of competitors

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    Moving users along the consumer path in a way that they experience how and what value they will receive

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    Optimal interweaving of offline and online contact points in educational services

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    Scale successful channels and formats

    Our experience shows that the most sought after digital marketing services of education and edtech are:


    • Digital marketing strategy
    • Research and analysis of competitors
    • Planning and implementing campaigns for the new school year
    • Marketing of a new educational service – specialty, language, field
    • Marketing for a new location
    • Manage performance marketing advertising for sign-ups, visits to open door formats or webinars
    • Creating content in different phases – awareness, appeal, ask, act, advocate

    What experience do we have in digital marketing with training companies?

    You’ve probably come across content or been part of the funnels we’ve built for Xplora Academy’s overall digital marketing program , as well as individual modules.

    We have significant experience in digital marketing of educational and training services. Here are just a few examples:


    • ADVANCE Educational Center – for recruiting new students
    • Fulbright program – detailed training in digital marketing with a focus on specific target groups and user paths for them
    • BRITANICA Park School – promoting a new school and providing inquiries
    • UACEG – landing pages, online events and candidate student campaigns
    • MFBU – landing pages and candidate student campaigns
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