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Why is Twitter the right advertising channel for international business?

If you’re looking for new channels to promote your business internationally and haven’t thought about Twitter yet, it might be time to do so.

Twitter is definitely not the most used social network in Bulgaria, but let’s look more globally:


It is most prevalent in the US, where it ranks second in consumption after Facebook, followed by Japan, the UK and Saudi Arabia.

On Twitter, people learn and discuss the most interesting topics of the day. Many politicians make important statements with their tweets. The most followed profile for 2020 is that of Barack Obama with 118 million followers, and that of Donald Trump ranks eighth with 80 million followers.


And what are the hallmarks of Twitter users?

According to a study done in the US:

  • 80% of users say they like to find interesting content, vs. 73% of all online users
  • 12% of them learn the news first on Twitter
  • Many of the memes start from there
  • Consumers are younger, have higher education and higher incomes relative to the U.S. population as a whole
  • Users are 31% more likely to recall information they saw on Twitter

Twitter’s most valuable asset and what sets it apart from other social networks is its audience. People who use it around the world are curious, like to share their opinions with others (they are opinion leaders), want to discover interesting content and are very willing to engage with it.

Why is Twitter the right channel for Brand Marketing?

  • 93% of brand followers on Twitter plan to make a purchase from the brand
  • 78% of brand followers on Twitter tend to retweet content posted by the brand they follow
  • 69% of brand followers on Twitter have already made a purchase from the brand
  • 40% of consumers follow their favourite brands on Twitter
  • The majority of B2B companies (75%) and B2C companies (65%) use Twitter for marketing purposes
  • Purchase intent increases by 2.7 times when users are exposed to tweets from companies

It is clear from the facts above that people on Twitter are highly engaged with the brands they follow and the majority of them are already users of the brand. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for companies to publish relevant, engaging and informative content that is not of the “Buy our product” type to create the prerequisites for interactions from followers.

Types of advertising campaigns on Twitter


The most common campaign types are available. As Website clicks campaign, it can also be optimized for website conversions.

In conclusion, if you are looking for new channels to achieve your marketing goals and if the audience you want to reach are educated people who are constantly looking for information, want to learn the latest news and like to share interesting content, then Twitter is the right advertising channel for you.

Stay tuned for a detailed infographic showing the types of ad targeting campaigns on Twitter coming soon. 😉

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