Human Digital

One of the key principles for a company is not just having a mission, but also following it. Even before formally establishing the agency, the three Xplora partners – Sasho, Vankata and Joro, chose HUMAN DIGITAL as our slogan. Since then, in addition to the slogan human digital, it has been the foundation on which Xplora’s culture is built, namely:


we are always looking for and talking to real people who are the right target users of our customers


we talk about digital in an understandable way, because it is not the terms that matter, but the goals and the results;


we create a friendly environment for our team, true partnerships and human relationships with our customers and all stakeholders.


Some examples of Human Digital.

Our clients and team are super enthusiastic when we work together on a campaign. This is a fact because together we complement and build on our ideas. The entire Xplora team knows that it is important for us to make our customers successful. And they, in turn, understand that the people of the agency are on their side, and have full transparency for every action and for every advertising expense. It is often WOW for our clients when we validate that a channel or format is not working optimally, and in less than two hours a new action plan has been prepared and agreed upon. We have often discouraged our clients from realizing their idea of investing in a site, channel or content, providing them with arguments why, what and how it works, and when the right time will come for a digital asset or format. We have a reputation for never pushing forwad any stand alone and self-serving action, campaign or digital asset.

Sometimes our client does not agree with what we offer. Then, instead of resenting that he doesn’t understand or doesn’t know what he wants, we say to ourselves, “Obviously, we haven’t convinced him.” And we update our communication and approach based on the comments received. And we provide the necessary number of tests to verify and validate the proposals and approaches that we will use – in marketing, and in particular in digital marketing.

human digital rules:

  • You talk to real people and they do the right thing about business, marketing and communication goals. With this, these real people self-segment, and you have validated assumptions, and so you build valuable audiences for you.
  • You have a human relationship with your agency. Speak openly about the challenges. You trust each other when you discuss, plan and analyze data. You respect the opinion of others, which builds real relations between the parties. You feel that the agency is on your side and the focus is on the success of your company, as well as your personal success as a professional or owner.
  • Everyone works in an environment that is enjoyable and stimulating. Technology supports work, not dehumanizes it. Processes support successful work, not create stress or unnecessary strain.
Here's what our Human Digital checklist looks like:

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