Xplora In Brief

XPLORA is a marketing and digital agency focused on delivering an impressive return on investment (ROI) from integrated digital marketing to its clients. For 6 years we have been making our clients successful in achieving their business and marketing goals on a local, regional and international scaley, and we consider it our responsibility to create and share good practices that drive forward effective and efficient digital marketing.

And now, seeing how we talk briefly about us, we recommend that you read the individual elements that make Xplora human digital - the founders of the agency and the team, memberships, certificates, our social responsibility. We have made this dedicated page for you.

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why does human digital work?

We have summarized all this in our slogan HUMAN DIGITAL – we talk to real people, we develop friendly relations with our clients and partners, we create a human environment for work. 

какви компании помагаме да са успешни


Why does human digital work?

Through the power of digital marketing, we help almost 100 companies succeed every month. We add value for businesses in various fields – from fast moving consumer goods, through finance, software, cars and real estate, to home products and more.

We do it for clients from and in Bulgaria, as well as for those from other countries or developing business abroad.

What goals do our clients achieve?

The goals are different – recognition, commitment, sales, building loyalty. What they have in common is that together with our clients we achieve significant and measurable business and marketing results. And in this way we make them successful, and the reward for us is the long-term relationship after that. We encourage you to see what some of our clients have to say about their work with us.
цели постигат клиентите ни

Customers share

го постигаме

How do we achieve it?

We believe in deep “consumer insight” – who, what, when, where and why does something. We combine this insight with an analytical approach and real data from consumer behavior. Thus, the discussions “I think so” and “I believe so” forever give way to “data shows that” and “let’s do this particular test because.”

What services do we provide?

Since the establishment of the agency we have followed a policy of:

Integrated digital marketing

Why have a great site if no one visits it, or great content on social media that no one sees.

In order for these assets to be valuable, it is much more important that the right people do the right thing for them. In today’s digital age, this means finding your target audience where it is – in the channels and platforms it uses and where it is ready to take the next step in its consumer path, along with the brand. Engage them with the right content, move them along the optimal user path. Analyze the data after tests, consolidate the conclusions and use them actively in upgrading your strategy every month.  For us, this is integrated digital marketing and we have been using this approach for 5 years to make our customers successful. You can see the numerous case studies in which we share details of what the goal was, what the challenge was, how we approached it and what results we achieved.

100% visibility from the client

Our clients have visibility to every euro cent spent, they can go into detail of every advertisement we have created and managed. We encourage clients and motivate them to ask us what, how and why.


Strategy, planning, implementation, analysis and upgrading

We are agnostic to an advertising platform or ecosystem, ie. We have no preferences and we do not emphasize - we approach each company individually according to the sector, strategy and available resources.

We do integrated digital marketing thanks to our team of almost 50 specialists in various fields. We have a huge and diverse experience to make our clients successful in Bulgaria and abroad through the tools of digital marketing:

  • analysis of the client’s digital assets and creation of a comprehensive digital strategy
  • creating and upgrading digital assets – sites and landing pages, videos, infographics, photo shoots, other visual content, voiceover
  • presence in social networks – planning and content creation, development of communities in social networks, creation of a creative hat and communication strategy, moderation
  • advertising and performance marketing – planning and managing advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, media planning and purchasing in premium media
  • corporate training
  • employer branding
  • consultations
  • digital project management

How do we add value?

Instead of just creating a website, running an advertising campaign or moderating comments on social media, we are building a digital ecosystem that is:


  • integrated – each element contributes to the efficiency of the other elements. In this way we achieve many times more significant results for the business – based on the synergy between the individual elements of integrated marketing communications.
  • long-term , not campaign. Just because all competitors run campaigns and have social media accounts doesn’t mean you have to have the same self-serving activations.
  • holistic – with the ability to upgrade or so-called. “Campaignable”, i.e. which can be developed in successive campaigns. We not only have the skills and experience in different areas of marketing – research, strategy, choice of content and channels, reaching consumers, new projects for markets or products and services, analysis and improvements, but over the years we have achieved excellent results for customers . And the results are why we exist as a digital agency.
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How can we convince you of what we are saying?

See who our customers are, most of whom we have been working with for years. Video interviews with them will show you at least a small part of what we achieve together through proper digital marketing. We invite you to take a look at our numerous case studies, which clearly present our overall excellent results.

Because we know that excites you – whether we can make you successful. And our reward is long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

  • Focus on real business and marketing goals
  • Proactivity and responsibility for the results
  • Combination of strategy, tactics, implementation and analysis
  • Reference to real data
  • Large team of field professionals
  • Significant experience in various sectors – in Bulgaria and around the world
  • Recommendations from many current customers