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Teaching is a cause and a vocation. We are proud to be part of those professionals who dedicate a significant part of their time to providing applicable and specific knowledge that students and students can turn into real skills. We are proud to develop the team of Explorer to structure good practices and knowledge in digital marketing in a meaningful, consistent and understandable way. And then to present their knowledge to people thirsty for practical knowledge. Each of us has had teachers and lecturers who inspire him. These have always been people who:

  • they teach us skills that are useful to us;
  • make even complex things seem clear and less complicated;
  • encourage us to develop;
  • they want to make us successful, they care about us.

Many people would keep the knowledge to themselves. Others do not have the empathy they need to give value to trainee and to students. Others are excellent practitioners but cannot structure their knowledge in an applicable way or have decided that they do not want to teach. At Xplora we have the culture to develop knowledge – for the internal team, for our interns, but also for trainees, students and professionals.

Where did it all start?

Joro Malchev, managing partner at Xplora, has been teaching for years. Many people from the agency were his students in advertising, advertising management, marketing, content marketing. And they were passionate about learning practical things that would make them successful. Over the years, Joro has given the opportunity to many people in the team, but only to those who to wish, to start sharing good practices, to present case studies on digital marketing, and to be lecturers in areas where the professional excels.

Gradually, Xplora’s team has developed its capabilties to structure knowledge, pass it on and engage learners to upgrade in their chosen field.

Trainings or courses in digital marketing?

Trainings or courses in digital marketing?

As you’ve probably seen, we teach at several universities, but we also have Xplora Academy, a company specializing in digital marketing courses and consultations for small businesses. Xplora, for its part, conducts specialized training for the agency’s clients and custom training for medium and large companies in the fields of digital marketing such as digital campaign planning, digital asset development, digital employer branding, LinkedIn marketing, consumer funnels in the digital environment, B2B digital marketing and others.

Where do we teach?

We teach at different universities, always sharing well structured knowledge – distinct good practices, based upon validated marketing and advertising communication models. Of course, we are often lecturers and mentors at events on specific topics – eCommerce, employer branding, branding, funnel management etc.

The universities and programs we teach are:

New Bulgarian University

Master’s Program in Marketing
Online marketing
Social media marketing

Master’s Program “Advertising and Visual Branding”
Online advertising
Advertising on social networks

Bachelor’s program “Advertising”
Online advertising campaigns
Credibility of advertising communication

Bachelor’s program in Marketing
Online trading
Credibility of advertising communication

International Business School

Master’s Program in Digital Marketing
Creating a business website
Social media marketing

University of National and World Economy


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