Management of the presence in social networks


Initially, the visual content of Medix challenged us with the wide variety of products and how to show that something as trivial as cleaning can be exciting and beautiful. With the combination of carefully prepared visual strategy, modern fonts and bold texts, gentle colors and natural display of the products, we have achieved two aesthetically pleasing profiles, which you can see here.


In the profiles of our client “Kozarev” we have emphasized the diversity – different formats in the two social networks, as well as different types of visual content – photographs, composite visions (montages), videos. We were inspired by the packaging and the products themselves – we know that the chess-arranged grid on Instagram will also impress you.


Queen’s is one of the brands that challenge the children in us. We try to visually keep the content cheerful, fresh, distinctive, and even a little crazy. Here we also put a lot of emphasis on vector illustrations.

Health for her

We have built an extremely strong visual identity for this brand. The color code, the one-style illustrations and the attention to detail are the elements that unite the different visions. We are developing it more and more every month so that visas are the focus and sometimes convey difficult topics of conversation to consumers.