Photo sessions

Dr. Stani Krastev

Dr. Stani Krastev approached us with the task to create his personal website, which would present him not only as a professional, but also as a person. We held a photo session in which we combined his professional appearance with his favorite hobbies.


Care and personal care products provide endless opportunities for their visual presentation. In the photographs of the various brands we have created for Sarantis Bulgaria, we have always strived for the product to play a major role, bringing a sense of tranquility, beauty and tenderness.


The challenge we were given by TAT was to present the pickles and canned food so typical to our cuisine in a visually exciting way. The light sets in combination with the bright colors of the products help us to create appetizing photos every month, which instantly make you put on your apron and run around in the kitchen.


Nedelya Confectioneries are one of the first customers who trusted us to photograph their products. On their Facebook and Instagram pages you can find very tasty cakes, combined with soft pastel colors, in sets that will make you want to jump to the nearest pastry shop immediately.