Web projects

Sofia Opera and Ballet

There were two main goals we had set when starting the project – to increase ticket purchases online by improving the speed of the site and the ticket purchase process, as well as to focus on the visual part of the site – the “stage” facing the consumers. The Opera has wonderful photos and videos of its performances, which were buried on the previous site and which we believed that put in better focus, will present the art in a more impactful manner. In addition, the purchase of tickets was hidden behind quite a few cumbersome clicks, and the calendar for the upcoming season – difficult to access.


Separating Alvina as a stand-alone brand was a landmark decision for our client, which we supported by creating a website presenting each product individually with its greatest advantages. We wanted to keep the tenderness and ethereality in the vision and the user to be able to “feel” the aromas even online.


We have created several high performing product landing pages for Acer, in which we presented the main advantages of the new models. Consumers who are excited about tech news love innovation. That is why we always present products with a sophisticated design, animated elements and uncompromisingly polished details.


Crowdo came to us with a desire for something bold and abstract, and we enthusiastically took that guidance and used isometric illustrations and animations for higher impact.


We work with our friends from WWF with great desire and love for their causes.
The challenge this time was to present the large amount of information from their 2025-2030 Strategic Plan in an engaging way.

WWF’s Central and Eastern Europe Strategic Plan 2030 represents the work of the whole organisation, setting out its objectives and implementation over the next 7 years. The plan includes the work of teams from all levels and departments from the 5 countries and 1 regional office where WWF-CEE is present (BG, HU, SK, RO, UA). It reflects Europe’s national as well as shared regional nature conservation objectives.

Thus, as a result of our joint efforts, the result is an interactive landing page that is not only beautiful, but also very useful.


The team’s main task was to help with the architecture and building of a website that would showcase the unique Orchids platform from Embodee. It helps to visualize 3D clothing in a fast, flexible and efficient way, with retailers and designers as the main target. What is unique about the project is that we took a very different approach to creating the site, starting with the client choosing a theme, creating architecture and text. Subsequently, we built on the implemented site theme with design customization for each page and validated directly through the platform’s end result and performance in a live environment.


Estafet needed to update their website. They are a niche company that designs, integrates and manages cloud-based platform and software business solutions. The aim was to introduce the team, showcase their expertise and build on the convenience for businesses who need their services to connect with Estafet in an easy way.

So we built a new look for the site, enhanced with videos and photos of their team and office. We have tried to present their qualities in an accessible and contemporary way. Estafet’s new digital look is already on par with the high level of technological expertise of the company and its team.