Analysis and Insight

We always start with analysis and extraction of applicable insights. We have extensive experience in analyzing the current behavior of consumers - in interaction with digital assets and campaigns of the client, its competitors and relevant companies. Based on our process, we structure this analysis as applicable insights, which we then agree on how to apply - as a test and subsequent scaling, as a change in the user path (content, channels, length, interactions) or as a basis for large-scale marketing initiative and services, new markets, new channels).

What are you analyzing?

We always analyze the behavior of consumers in the relevant sector and the type of business – both in Bulgaria and abroad. We use many sources of information, as well as structured information such as Google Premier Partner, information about Facebook partner agencies, surveys, analytical tools and more.

We combine it with the information that the client gives us about his company, filling in the brief document that we use (and we know and are glad that other companies and agencies are actively using it).

    What is the end result?

    We have clients who give us an initial mandate or even just the creation of a strategy, and the strategies are based on analysis and consolidated conclusions – at the level of strategy and tactics.

    For our clients with long-term mandates, this analysis is part of the quarterly, ie annual, strategies we create together.

    The end result is that the conversation is not: “I think…”, “I believe that или” or “Have you seen a competitor… what is it doing”, but is: “Let’s test this month” and “We will realize this large-scale campaign for this product, launching in… channel ”.