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An indispensable part of our superHUMAN Xplora culture is our strive to be as helpful as possible and to give high added value to our customers and partners. This is why they often choose us to implement the "Strategy" service for them , which includes an integrated approach - with analysis, strategic planning and action in the next 6 months - year. In most cases, we not only prepare the strategy, but then put it into practice and together with the client we track the effect of the marketing activities and build on the results. However, there are also situations where, for one reason or another, some businesses don't seek or can't afford a long-term relationship with a digital agency. For such cases we have developed the "Consultation" and "Audit" services. Here's what they are and who they're right for.

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The service is highly suitable for companies that have an online presence but are struggling with certain aspects of digital marketing. The most common tasks from our practice so far include:

  • Overview and recommendations for setting up analytical tools
  • Generate reports for campaign purposes or daily use
  • Review of website/landing pages of a specific campaign objective
  • Improvement and suggestions for optimizations, etc.

There are many scenarios. We can also be helpful to companies that don’t know where to start with their digital marketing and they choose to build a digital strategy from Xplora, going through the different phases and steps in creating and aligning the optimal strategy.
Together we discuss the best options, according to the type of business, the segment it is in and the marketing goals. In all cases, the approach is strictly individual to the needs of mandating party.

Audit of advertising accounts

In this part we already talk about a detailed audit of already functioning advertising accounts – on Google or in the Meta ecosystem. The main aspects we analyze and on which we give feedback and recommendations include:

  • Complete account setup according to best practices;
  • Campaign setup and structure – Search, Display, Youtube or Social;
  • Choosing keywords, audiences and targeting methods;
  • Choice of bidding strategy;
  • Settings and conversion reporting;
  • Setting up goals & events in Google analytics;
  • Using Google tag manager, etc.

These are the most common areas where our clients have difficulty, which is why Xplora offers an integrated advertising account audit, focusing on specific key areas.

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  • Businesses with an in-house marketing team that don’t have the practice or ability to work with an agency;
  • Businesses without a marketing team that manage their own digital channels;
  • Businesses that are in the process of switching agencies but don’t want to be without digital campaigns;