One of the most sought after digital marketing services by Xplora customers is strategy development. Why is that? Because the strategy will allow the achievement of significant business and marketing goals.

Are the strategies individual?

Different companies differ from ono another. That is why the analysis, the conclusions and the strategy itself are always different. As goals, necessary resources, timing. The long-term relationship with our customers is one of the proofs that the strategies are successful and not alike – they are upgraded every year. Some with new products and services, others with new digital channels or markets, etc.

    Are the strategies for only one channel?

    Xplora is an integrated digital marketing agency – our experience shows that the best results are achieved when integrating channels. Consumers do not think in channels, but how to get the most out of a moment.

    That’s why every strategy we create integrates at least a few channels. However, we also create strategies for clients for channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, email marketing, etc. Every time we look holistically, i.e. what business and marketing goals we will achieve for specific target users in the respective channel.

    Can I only assign a strategy?

    We have clients who turn to us only for strategy. And if we like each other, we can only build a strategy, although we prefer and be responsible for its implementation. And of course, to scale the customer’s digital marketing to more significant business and marketing goals within a long-term partnership. 🙂