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Trust us to build together your successful influencer marketing campaign. We will create a sustainable strategy for you, in which we will choose relevant influencers for the brand and we will set the goals you want to achieve.

We have serious experience in working with influencers and with celebrities, which helps us to manage the work process in a structured way.

Creativity is also one of our superpowers, and when we create a creative solution, it is always in line with the brand and the coordinated business strategy. marketing goals. We do not miss one of the most important elements, namely - tracking and analyzing the results of this type of campaign.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is more and more part of the integrated marketing strategy of the brand. It is based on partnerships with influencers who have an engaged and loyal audience on social networks and digital platforms. Together with the influencers, the brand builds campaigns to position the service or product in order to increase trust and visibility, which stimulates target audiences to perform desired actions such as commitment to content, purchase and more.

What is NOT influencer marketing?

  • Not a goal for its own sake – just to work with celebrities and influencers

  • Unnatural positioning of a product / service in the everyday life of the influencer
  • Organizing self-serving giveaways with the sole aim of increasing followers
  • Reaching an extremely wide audience without a clear goal
  • A way to achieve immediate marketing results

What can we achieve with an influencer campaign?

When launching an influencer campaign, it is very important to have a clear strategy of what we want to achieve and what is possible based on budget, timing and specifics of the business.

Influencer marketing is not perceived as interrupting the content that the consumer consumes, as is often the case with standard online advertising. Rather, it is the destination – these are influential people that users already like, who are accustomed to watching and who purposefully subscribe and follow the influencer in the respective channel. This allows us to reach the target audience in a natural and unobtrusive way, building a “warmer” relationship with them by speaking communicating in a more human language, and not as corporately as many brand profiles and channels predispose.

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  • The creative idea based on the key message, the audience and its interests, as well as the goals of the brand.
  • Allocation of planned content to content creators, social networks and formats helps us achieve balanced coverage.
  • Effective and efficient communication between the brand, the agency and the influencer is key to every stage of the campaign.
  • Creative freedom for the content creator is important so that he can present his content in an optimal way.


The management and planning of influencer campaigns involves many processes that are important to follow and analyze to achieve good results.
  • Defining campaign goals
  • Building a strategy based on the goal, and selecting the channels and formats
  • Selecting influencers
  • Briefing of influencers
  • Coordinate the campaign from content creation through publication to moderation
  • Reporting the overall performance of the campaign – detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations
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How do we measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns?

In order to measure the effect of each campaign, you must have pre-set KPIs at the beginning of the campaign based on a previous campaign or statistics. They must have a strong foundation and never be the based on gut feeling and wishful thinking.

One of the important metrics that must be paid attention to are impressions, reach, mentions, engagement rate, story views, reactions, comments, shares, traffic, which are defined as important for the campaign. Based on these data, a report and analysis is made with recommendations for future campaigns. Recommendations can be made as to which influencers have the potential to become ambassadors of the brand, which need to be upgraded and which are better to end the partnership with.

Another way to track the results is the so-called. Affiliate marketing , through which the brand provides the influencer with a link or personalized code to communicate to its audience with a clear CTA (call-to-action). In this way, the brand can clearly track the activity generated by this link or code. In such campaigns, the return on investment can be traced to the last penny and due to its specifics is suitable for brands with online stores.