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Quora is a Q&A based platform where millions of people around the world ask and receive questions, share knowledge and do research on a monthly basis. According to statistics provided by the platform, it is visited by over 300 million people every month. The countries with the highest consumption of Quora are the United States, India, the United Kingdom and Canada.

More than 400,000 topics are categorized in the platform. The most popular topic is Technology, with over 72 million followers. Other popular topics are Entertainment, Travel, Business, Marketing and Learning. The majority of brands that are advertised there are B2B (60%). And among the most popular B2B topics are Business, Finance, Marketing, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy.

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What experience do we have in Quora advertising?

Our experience is expressed in the management of B2B campaigns at the international level in countries in Europe and Asia for a client of the IT industry. Our goals are to generate traffic to the website and lead generation. We initially used Quora as an additional advertising channel.

And after testing different audiences and types of campaigns, the results we achieved (in terms of CPC, CTR, CPM and Leads) led us to strengthen this social network as a key channel in our monthly planning. The excellent results also led to a change in strategy and we even allocated a budget from other social networks to use in Quora.

Why Quora Advertising?

Advertising goals that can be set are the same as on most social networks – increase traffic to the site, brand awareness, mobile app downloads, implement specific actions on the site and generate leads directly fill in a form in Quora.

The main advantages of Quora advertising are:

Quora 1

Consumers there have a specific interest and are actively looking for information about a particular product, “at the moment”.

Quora 2

We can target an audience of people who are interested in a question.

Quora 3

Users spend 2 times more time in Quora than LinkedIn.

Quora 4

Google “loves” the platform and often ranks it among the top positions in search results.

In recent years, the following trends and directions of development of Quora have been observed:

  • More and more advertisers are choosing Quora for their B2B purposes.
  • Quora users are growing.
  • It ranks 357th among the most visited sites in the world.

What services does Quora advertising include?

Quora’s ad management covers several stages, which we consider as separate services:

Advertising strategy

Defining campaign goals, appropriate types of advertising and formats for their implementation.

Media plan and budgeting

Planning the different types of advertising, their distribution during the campaign period and estimating the expected results.

Ad Management Service

Create an advertising account, Quora pixel, set different types of audiences according to the goals of the campaigns and other services related to their implementation.

Reports and Statements

Interim reports and a final report summarizing the overall presentation of the campaign. Detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations.

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What are the steps involved in advertising on Quora?


Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


Choosing the appropriate type of advertising formats according to the campaign strategy


Budget allocation between different types of formats


Monitoring and analyzing user behavior and optimizing campaigns


Build advertising messages and visions for each stage of the user path of users


Creating appropriate target audiences

The main types of advertising in Quora

Image Ads

The most common advertising format, known from other social networks. Extremely suitable for generating traffic to a website. It allows the image to stand out from the almost entirely text-based Quora platform.

Text Ads

They do not require an image. The format fits naturally against the background of the text-based Quora platform and includes a CTA button that leads to a website.

Lead Gen Forms

Like the Lead Generation forms on Facebook and LinkedIn, they allow you to gather information about users who are interested in your products or services and increase your contact base. Can be connected to CRM platform.

Promote an answer

It allows the answer to a question to reach a larger audience through paid advertising. For example, promoting a response given by a founder / employee in a particular company. The answer may contain information about the company's product / service.