Strategy is what makes a company successful in the long run - we have a reputation for creating the right digital marketing strategies and then implementing them flawlessly. And of course, taking into account the feedback in the course of implementation in order to achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency, such as setting even more significant business and marketing goals for digital marketing. And effectiveness, because in digital marketing the two go hand in hand - achieving goals with optimal use of resources. Relying on the strategies of constant and internally integrated phase and feedback process allows us to direct resources to where they work the most, and to limit the suboptimally spent ones.

Why a digital marketing strategy?

All the strategies we create are based on the key elements of our client’s business model. Respectively:


  • the goals we set are important for the company and are ambitious but achievable;
  • we envisage phases for testing, deployment, scaling – each phase builds on the previous one, because we already have more
  • information, more users with relevant behavior;
  • content and channels are interconnected and built on top of each other.

Can the “strategy” stage be missed?

The answer is: “it depends”. Here’s what determines if you need a separate digital strategy floor:

  • the degree of development of the client’s marketing
  • the degree of development of the client’s digital marketing
  • what are the client’s goals – strategic, tactical or operational

Sometimes we create an integrated strategy, sometimes a strategy for a channel, and sometimes we start with tactical activities and work together to create the strategy.