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It’s Sneji. From a small deals with art, before studying at Natsioalnata School of Applied Arts „St. Luka „. Especially today in the few remaining free time. Numerous paintings fill the free space at home. Her art has no limits today she transferred in advertising design. Some of her projects consist of the smallest detail of the packaging, the logo to large advertising campaigns. Much of the knowledge obtained at the New Bulgarian University in the form of real projects and personal organizational and advertising campaigns. The specialties in which training at the university and poster advertising design / and advertising. No matter what form will it / web, social, poster design, print or in any other interactive form / it’s all about organization and time.

This is Betty. She has her bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences, but she believes she has found her calling in the Master’s program – PR in Social Networks and media. Her desire is to work and perfect herself in the field of Digital Marketing and we are helping her achieve her dream.

She describes herself as a positive, smiling and communicative person. A curious fact is that she has a mini rabbit named Adolf, which contrary to his name is a very sweet, gentle and loving soul. Betty has other passions, such as travelling and relaxing at luxury SPA centres in the right company.