When we hear B2B we all think of LinkedIn, right? We give you ideas and reasons why you should include advertising on Quora as part of your B2B communication channels.

What is Quora?

It is a Q&A based platform that ranks 357th among the most visited sites in the world. Millions of questions are asked there every month and they get their answers. Over 400,000 topics are present, and the most popular B2B topics include Business, Finance, Marketing, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy. Here are a few facts about the platform:

  • 75% of its traffic comes from mobile devices
  • On average, a person views 2.13 pages on Quora and spends 4:11 minutes
  • Google “loves” the platform and often ranks it among the top positions in search results. 63% of visits to Quora are from people who initially started their search on Google or another online search engine
  • Only 0.57% of Quora visitors come from a source other social networks (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • The most followed personal profile is that of Balaji Viswanathan, CEO of Invento Robotics, he has 506 411 followers
  • It is most popular in the USA, Canada, India and the UK.

Who are Quora users?

They are actively seeking information that they need now.
Quora reports that the platform has 300 million monthly active users. The majority of them (57%) are men. The majority of users were aged 18-24 (46%), followed by those aged 25-35 (33%), with those aged 65+ the lowest (just 1.6%). The audience is considered to be highly educated – 65% of them have a university degree and 37% are people in managerial positions. Also, 54% state that their annual household income is over $100,000, meaning they have good purchasing power.
The key thing about the behaviour of the users of the platform is that they are active, i.e. they are looking for a solution to their case or they contribute information to the answer of someone else’s question. They are highly engaged, unlike users of other social networks where passive scrolling is more common.
Aren’t these the decision makers at the companies you want your ad to reach?

How can advertising on Quora contribute to B2B marketing strategy?

The ad campaign targeting offered by the platform is different from what we know from Facebook and LinkedIn. And this is exactly one of the platform’s distinctive features, which allows us to set up campaigns to reach people who have a different behaviour and mindset (at that particular moment) than those on Facebook. As we know, Facebook’s algorithm works in a way that classifies a person in the “interested in software products” category if, for example, they liked Microsoft’s Facebook page 5 years ago, and in Quora we can target people who 5 days ago read a specific question on the platform, for example: what is Microsoft Azure all about?. You can feel the difference yourself, right? Users on Quora have a specific interest and are actively looking for information about a specific product and “right now”. Also, according to a study, it appears that users spend 2 times more time on Quora compared to LinkedIn.

The advertising targets that can be set are the most standard ones present in most social networks:

  • Traffic – increase of traffic to the site
  • Awareness – increasing brand awareness
  • App installs – increase mobile app downloads
  • Conversions – implementing specific actions on the site
  • Lead Generation – generate leads by directly filling out a form on Quora

The advertising formats are: banner, text advertising and response promotion.
Here’s an example of a banner ad on Quora:

пример за банер реклама в Quora 1

What businesses is Quora advertising suitable for?

According to Quora’s statistics – B2B companies take up 60% of the advertising out there and the remaining 40% is B2C companies. Our experience has shown us that the platform is very suitable for advertising companies on an international level. And judging by the fact that the topic with the most followers (72.4 million) on Quora is Technology, we can conclude that the platform is an extremely suitable channel for positioning technology brands.

Let us inspire you to action with a concrete example from our team’s experience with Quora. The example is of a client in the IT industry that operates in several European countries. The results we achieved for it were extremely good as far as CPC, CPM and CTR are concerned. After testing different targeting approaches and campaign types for it, we’ve solidified Quora as one of the main advertising channels. The excellent results led to a change in our strategy and we even allocated budget from other social networks to use on Quora.

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