LinkedIn presence management

LnkedIn is not just a platform for attracting new recruits or another social network that is no different from the rest. In recent years, more and more brands are getting into it and there is a reason why. If your business area is B2B or you are trying to develop your Employer branding strategy, then not having heard of it is impossible and it is very likely that your business already has a profile there. LinkedIn’s audience specifics and features, some of which are not found on other social networks, help businesses build a positive brand image, position themselves as a trusted employer and reach the right audience. Check out our portfolio to see what you can use it for and how to get the most out of it.


LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to promote Embodee by reaching 8 unique audiences, some of which are 2D and 3D designers, merchandisers and sales staff. We take advantage of the full range of LinkedIn formats such as static posts, videos, pdf documents and more to achieve our various goals. Orchids by Embodee is a one-of-a-kind platform in the marketplace that helps the fashion and apparel industry design, create and sell fashion products. LinkedIn is the place where we are able to create brand awareness and at the same time support the promotion and registration for webinars. LinkedIn is an excellent choice for these types of events and finding an audience willing to engage with longer and more informative content.


LinkedIn is the place that allows us to develop the Employer Branding and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) content strategy of UBB Asset Management. The platform also allows us to reach the right audiences to communicate UBB Asset Management’s portfolio of products. For the purpose of employer branding, we place a strong focus on the individuals within the company by sharing internal interviews with employees and their success stories. In this way, we increase engagement in the platform and creditability in the brand.

Ocean Investments

Ocean Investments is a family-owned investment firm that drives innovation globally in cybersecurity, healthcare and real estate.
Our content cleverly combines a mix of bold messages in our positioning posts with informative infographics and statistics through educational posts. We are also building a closer relationship with consumers by providing them with timely and relevant investment information. And all this we recreate through the visual prism of the ocean theme, building a unique brand image. LinkedIn allows us to create a community of like-minded people and promote Ocean Investments’ mission – to grow the industries in which they operate together with their partners.


In 2022, the Estafet team took a big step in its development and initiated a complete reorientation of its business model. We embarked on the rebranding process and the development of a thorough strategy to reboot the brand’s digital communication through an integrated marketing approach, interweaving B2B insights with cognitive biases into our planning structure. We continue our partnership by creating and promoting monthly LinkedIn campaigns for whitepapers, blueprints, case studies and specific product solutions, generating a high awareness effect among the brand’s niche target audience.


The specifics and audience of LinkedIn make it the preferred social network for brands looking to develop their Employer branding strategy and position themselves as an employer of choice. That’s why we couldn’t help but position Xplora there as well. The social web offers us a great range of features and formats that we make the most of. In addition to sharing useful content and information about upcoming/past events we participate in, we use them to visually represent the value we bring to our customers and the growth of the company. We make sure to share our team and personal accomplishments, and the things that make us proud. We also put a big focus on agency life and the people who are part of Xplora, giving them the credit they deserve thanks to some of the formats available only on this social network.