eBooks and infographics

There are types of information and value proposition that can be optimally presented in the form of an infographic or eBook. Consumers already have criteria in place and evaluate well with their attention. In this way, they give excellent signals to digital platforms for whom the relevant infographic or eBook is interesting and useful - ie. what users are at what stage in their relationship with a company, brand or products and services.

Xplora has some of the largest content marketing & creative and design & creative teams in Bulgaria. We work for many clients in various sectors - B2B, B2B2C, expensive household products such as cars, real estate and heat pumps, public services - such as banking and insurance, niche - such as transport services and waste treatment, specific IT solutions, media, etc.

What infographics and eBooks do you create?

The process of creating this type of content is, as a first step, to get very familiar with the specific customer and the products and services he offers. As a next step, we analyze the information we need to provide to the end user and try to simplify it as much as possible visually. By incorporating design into complex information, we facilitate its perception.

    What does the process of creating these digital assets involve?

    We go through several mandatory steps when creating eBooks and infographics, the main ones being:

    Analysis and interpretation of the information to be presented


    Visual summary of all elements that must be contained in the design


    Design for the specific task, observing all the guidelines of the specified brand