Digital and visual assets

What digital assets do you create?

We have extensive practice in creating digital assets – from key, through tactical, to purely operational. Here are the main types we create:


  • Websites and landing pages
  • mobile apps
  • Photo sessions
  • Video
  • Banners
  • Infographics and eBooks

How good are you at creating digital assets?

A digital asset only makes sense as long as it achieves specific marketing goals. They can be strategic, tactical or purely operational. It depends on which asset is most suitable and what resources should be invested in its construction.

We prefer you to see for yourself our experience in creating quality digital assets. The easiest way and according to your specific needs you can find examples in:


лендинг страници

Websites and landing pages

For many businesses, the site is a key marketing asset. Why? Because consumers there self-segment – what they are, what they would derive value from, at what stage in their relationship with the company or brand they have reached. In addition, they can undertake a key interaction for the company, which will turn them into identified users for subsequent email communication, inquiries, sales.

Photo sessions

Digital marketing involves the use of quality visual assets, including photographs and composite images (montages). Consumers appreciate visual solutions that are attractive and valuable – such as emotion, information, clarity, etc. That’s why digital platforms themselves give a greater advantage to brands that create lasting quality digital visual assets – because consumers are willing to consume and interact with them.


Consumers are devouring a lot of video content, which is why platforms are over-imposing it. It allows much faster presentation of more information, as well as telling more complex stories about the value proposition of a company.


Banners are part of the digital life of each of us. For bad – many of us are “blind” to significant amount of the banners because they are not visually attractive, not clear or not in line with our phase in the consumer path with a company, brand or product / service. For good – because digital platforms allow static and dynamic banners to be displayed to the right people at the right time and with the right follow-up interaction by targeting a digital asset or platform of our choosing.


Infographics and eBooks

There are types of information and value proposition that can be optimally presented in the form of an infographic or eBook. Consumers already have criteria in place and evaluate well with their attention. In this way, they give excellent signals to digital platforms for whom the relevant infographic or eBook is interesting and useful – i.e. what users are at what stage in their relationship with a company, brand or products and services.

Logo, business cards, brand palette

Trusting you to make the logo and brand palette is a sign of the immense confidence we have in you. Our team has experience in creating a number of visual assets, including logos, brand palettes, business cards.


Manuals and presentations

Clients often turn to us for help in creating manuals or templates for presentations. Why? Because in their sector an important part of their communication is done in the form of manuals that are sent or available to key partners and customers. And some of them make a lot of presentations and it is important for them both to communicate their level of professionalism through the style and branding of the presentations, and to make it easier for their teams to create each individual presentation.

Hybrid and digital events

Our team has extensive experience in digital support of face-to-face and digital events. For many leading events in Bulgaria we have been partners, digital agency, curators of the content for many leading events in Bulgaria. Among which are colaborations with Digitalk, Forbes Awards, Retail in Detail, All in One on DEV.BG, Comic Con and others.

We also have experience in organizing digital events for our clients – webinars, conferences, trainings, as the audiences were wide audiences, business audiences, specific professional audiences.

Xplora Academy conducts physical and online training, and our experience is in both large-scale training events and online training.