Photo sessions

Digital marketing involves the use of quality visual assets, including photographs and composite images (montages). Consumers appreciate visual solutions that are attractive and valuable - such as emotion, information, clarity, etc. That's why digital platforms themselves give a greater advantage to brands that create lasting quality digital visual assets - because consumers are willing to consume and interact with them.

We have a specially equipped studio for photo shoots, as well as a separate kitchen (one of our three) for preparing recipes and for plaiting when shooting with food. We have several halls where we do photo shoots, below us is the park "Zaimov". And of course, we take pictures in quite remote locations 🙂

What photo shoots do you create?

One of the things that Xplora has a reputation for in the digital services market is quality digital assets – for websites, content on social networks, email newsletters and more. You can continue the story on the Instagram account of the agency, where you will find a lot of content from photo shoots, including how we do the photo shoots ourselves.

Here are the main types of photo shoots we do:


  • Product photography – cosmetics, cleaning and laundry detergents, etc.
  • Portrait photography – group and individual photos
  • Culinary photography – food products and recipes

What does the process of a photo session involve?

Creating quality visual assets as a result of a photo shoot involves mandatory steps. Here are the main stages that the process goes through:


Objectives of visual assets - what and where visual assets will be used


Stylistics - research and create a moodboard


Selection and preparation of props


Processing of raw footage


Composing the elements and shooting


Technical preparation of the studio

Which photo shoots are you proud of?

We have done many photo shoots – some for purely tactical purposes, and others for large-scale online and offline campaigns.

Here are some of the photo shoots we decided to highlight to give you an idea of the type of content we create: