Video content

Consumers are devouring a lot of video content, which is why platforms are over-imposing it. It allows much faster presentation of more information, as well as telling more complex stories about the value proposition of a company.

Xplora has its own studio for audio and video recordings - with special sound insulation and lighting. Of course, we record videos in many different locations according to the needs of the video. For more complex video productions we work with proven partners, as we take over the part with project management and digital strategy, planning and distribution of the created video content.

What videos are you creating?

Our team has significant experience in creating videos for our clients. Here are the main types of videos we create:


  • Reels video
  • Team and work environment videos
  • Video recipes
  • Stop motion video
  • TikTok videos

What does the video creation process involve?

There are mandatory steps we take when creating a video for the digital marketing of Xplora customers. Here are the basic steps:

Objectives of the video - what and where the video will be used, whether footage from it will be used in the form of photos


Preparation of moodboard


Preparation of a storyboard


Technical preparation of the studio


Selection and preparation of props


Voiceover recording, if applicable


Stylization and composition of the elements


Video Shooting


Raw processing and installation