Websites and landing pages

For many businesses, the site is a key marketing asset. Why? Because consumers there are seven-segmented - what they are, what they would derive value from, at what stage in their relationship with the company or brand. In addition, they can undertake a key interaction for the company, which will turn them into identified users for subsequent email communication, inquiries, sales. Last but not least, the site is the company's or brand's own asset and this provides unique marketing information that is very difficult to obtain from another channel. Often, even face-to-face users do not share and give all the signals they would give to a well-planned and developed site. And face-to-face meetings are a lot harder for most businesses than targeting or driving traffic to a company's website.

When marketing goals are clearly defined, and the company has a very developed site or no site at all, often creating a landing page is the optimal step to achieve specific marketing goals.

What sites and landing pages do you create?

Our team has impressive experience in planning, creating, developing and analyzing websites. Here are the main types of sites and landing pages that we create:


  • Corporate online business card sites
  • Online shops (up to 100/200 products)
  • Campaign sites for presenting a new product or service
  • Sites for promotional activities (national / local consumer promotions) and for entering promo codes
  • Landing pages for submitting requests or applications
  • Sites that aim to help conduct a specific marketing campaign

How good are you at creating websites?

We have prizes for sites in the competition “Site of the Year”. ???? We are proud that Joro Malchev, Managing Partner at Xplora, is also the engine behind the detailed marketing criteria for “Site of the Year”. These criteria cascade, i.e. start with the business goal of the site, and end with the fact that 100% of target users leave very clear signals that the company has achieved its goals

Our team has participated in the creation of dozens of sites of various kinds. Here are some of the sites we are proud to have contributed to: