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Why Email Marketing Strategy?

The role of email marketing is to send a message that motivates the user to act at the right time.

Email marketing is one of the channels with the highest return on investment (ROI). The reason lies in the sense of more personal attitude that communication in this channel brings to users. Through its email communication with consumers, the brand builds closer relationships with them as it guides them along their consumer path.
One of the most valuable for marketers specifics of email marketing as a channel is the fact that the user himself “allows” us in his personal space, subscribing to our email content. By building an email marketing strategy, we make sure that each subscriber receives important and interesting information about the phase of the user path in which he is.

In order to get the best results from this channel, we need to take care of several key factors:
  • Create, maintain “clean” email lists and regularly create campaigns to recruit new users
  • Determine the appropriate frequency of email campaigns
  • Segment the entries in the newsletter
  • To send relevant content for different segments, meeting the requirements and goals of the brand
  • Analyze data from individual email campaigns and improve their content according to user needs

What is the role of content in email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing content aims to enrich brand communication by providing additional useful information to the user. The campaigns in this channel are characterized by a high conversion rate, for the achievement of which the content plays a key role. The reasons for this are the following:

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The channel itself suggests more focused attention from the user, due to the lack of other brands at the time of contact with the content
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Proper tone of voice can shorten the distance between the brand and the consumer
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Proper visual content in an email makes the user easily and quickly understand the information
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Choosing the right CTA buttons and navigators in the email campaign successfully directs user attention through the content and motivates easily measurable actions
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The format allows the deployment of storytelling techniques that help the user remember the content and key messages that the brand conveys.
In recent years, there have been several trends that frame the development of visualizations in the email marketing channel. Yeah, they’re like that:
  • Build fully customized mailing templates
  • Add visual elements – emoticons, pictures, videos, gifs
  • Creating automation
  • Using visual elements such as CTA in order to focus on the right places the user’s attention

What experience do we have with Email Marketing Campaigns?

For some of our clients, we create and maintain email marketing accounts, often in addition to other advertising channels. In this way we create a 360-degree composition of communication with the audience, which allows the marketer to send the right messages to the user depending on the interaction of different channels. In order to realize this complete circle of brand communication, we perform comprehensive planning and creation of email marketing strategy, its implementation, analysis and improvement.

We maintain email marketing channels for communication of brands from the FMCG, Retail, Finance and B2B sectors, and we develop an individual strategy and tactics for each company.

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Specific examples

What services does the creation of an email marketing package involve?

View and analyze email marketing profile

Determining the current state of the client’s profile in relation to business objectives

Build an email marketing strategy

Defining key goals, segmenting the audience, determining the right tone of voice, communication pillars and visual identity of the content.

Implement an email marketing strategy

Creating a profile and setting up registration forms and confirmation emails; Creating campaigns that meet the defined objectives of the strategy; maintaining “clean” lists

Analysis and report

Analysis of past campaigns and results achieved. Draw the main conclusions from the campaigns and determine the next steps to improve the metrics in the campaigns.
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What are the steps involved in creating and managing Email Marketing Campaigns?


Defining measurable campaign goals


Creating content that meets the requirements of the campaign and the tone of the brand's voice


Template design


Campaign analysis


Choosing the right time to send and start the campaign


Selection of an appropriate segment for the respective goals and content

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What goals can you achieve with email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing can participate in every phase of the consumer path and add value to the various stages of the consumer journey. Our task as marketers is to determine the phase in which each user is, to create and deliver relevant content that meets our goals.

Awareness phase

When the user is in the Awareness phase, we use content that introduces them more to the brand and its benefits. Creating automation type Welcome Sequences is extremely suitable for this purpose, because we can tell in a series of emails more about the brand and its culture, product or service it offers, as well as the benefits.

Consideration phase

In the Consideration phase, we have the advantage of being able to have a more personal conversation with the user. In this phase we use templates to tell him in more detail about our products or services, what are the advantages of the brand and to dispel his concerns. Here, in addition to the advantages of the brand, we can also include consumer opinions with which to support what we have said.

purchase phase

If we have done well so far, the consumer is already in the favorite phase of every business, namely the Purchase phase. In this phase we must make sure to offer the most relevant products, services and offers to the consumer. Here it is very important to make even more efforts and help the user to become our customer. Suitable campaigns for this purpose are promotional campaigns, ranking of top products and displaying customer reviews.


For people who claim that email marketing is not a working channel, the phases usually end here. In fact, the next phase, Loyalty, allows the brand to maintain the relationship it has already built. In this phase we can:


  • We inform the client about our new products and services
  • We want his feedback
  • We motivate for a friend’s recommendation
  • We invite new orders by including it in a program for loyal customers

The role of email marketing is to further personalize the user’s experience of communicating with the brand, using relevant and personalized information about his engagement. All this happens in a common communication framework together with the other channels in order to make a smooth transition through each of the steps of the user path.