Digital campaigns

Each campaign is specific – it requires thinking about where to start, what the gaols are and how they can be achieved. The campaign itself should be planned in detail as a concept, creative and content approach, channels, formats, etc. Xplora is an integrated digital marketing agency and that is why the campaigns we implement are so successful – we achieve optimal results, using the relevant channels in a coordinated and complementary to non-digital channels when needed.

What digital campaigns do you create?

We have experience in campaigns for all types of businesses, as well as for many sectors. These are just some of them, and in the case studies section you can find many examples and use a selector for service type and sector type.

Here are just a few examples of our experience with digital campaigns:


  • Hundreds of awareness, engagement, purchase or loyalty campaigns for FMCG, consumer services, household investment goods and more
  • hundreds of online sales campaigns
  • dozens of campaigns aimed at leads, i.e. specific inquiries, orders or applications, and we are proud to provide many quality marketing qualified leads – with great potential to become a real customer or employee
  • recruitment campaigns – more and more customers are turning to digital marketing to find better candidates and improve the level of their team
    campaigns to improve the company’s image as a good employer (EVP campaigns) – people see their workplace as an investment in the future and we try to make the process of searching and validating information quality and well-structured in order to improve the percentage of quality applications

Do you only deal with digital campaigns?

We often help companies that need activities outside of digital channels. We have campaigns with our slogans in the advertising blocks of national televisions. Our creative solutions were on billboards, we made a lot of print materials. We do this if possible for a full term, where we are responsible for implementing the project from A to Z.

How good are you at digital campaigns?

We believe that there are very few businesses that do not need ongoing digital marketing, i.e. one that is constantly active – as are consumers in today’s digital age.

Consumers have needs that they meet in a digital environment, regardless of when a campaign is scheduled to end.

Regarding digital campaigns – we are often speakers at events and present in detail the implemented campaigns. Where did we start, what was the starting situation, the chosen strategy, the planned channels and formats, the results, the conclusions and the next steps.

We will be happy to find the campaigns you are interested in, which we have described in detail in the case studies section .