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Phase 0 – settings, tests and validation

We often have to go through Phase 0 with customers if their digital marketing is not structured and ready for scaling. What does it mean not to be ready? This means that there is a need for properly installed analytical tools, as well as additional tools for validating user paths. It also signifies that it requires microtests for specific applicable channels for your company’s digital marketing.


One of the most sought after digital marketing services by Xplora customers is strategy development. Why is that? Because the strategy will allow the achievement of significant business and marketing goals.

Digital campaigns

Each campaign is specific – it requires thinking about where to start, what are the goals and how they can be achieved. The campaign itself should be planned in detail as a concept, creative and content approach, channels, formats, etc. Xplora is an integrated digital marketing agency and that is why the campaigns we implement are so successful – we achieve optimal results, using the relevant channels in a coordinated and complementary to non-digital channels when needed.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is in Xplora’s DNA. As a digital agency focused on achieving concrete results for our clients, we measure the effectiveness of each channel in the marketing funnel, take into account each digital signal from consumers, and so piece by piece we manage to put together the otherwise complex and vast puzzle of digital marketing.


We have vast experience in digital creative – our specialty. When we create a creative solution, it is always in line with the brand, as well as the agreed strategy for achieving business and marketing goals. The creative solution itself is planned, and the implementation – tailored to each channel and format in which it will “live”.

Digital assets

Each digital asset has its meaning as part of the consumer path for specific target users at a specific stage in their relationship with a company. Because Xplora is an integrated digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience in creating strategies, planning, implementing, analyzing and upgrading digital assets.