Google Search Advertising

Google Search ads can be a very effective way for to your website to dattract quality traffic. They reach consumers at a time when they are in search of a product, service or some type of solution for their needs. This provides an excellent opportunity for your business to stand out from the competition, presenting its key features and advantages in an environment with little advertising noise and a highly targeted audience.

The Google search engine occupies the largest share of all search engines. Just over 86% (as of December 2020) of all searches in the world occur in it. Search engine users generate over 3.5 billion searches every day, which suggests the huge potential of this marketing channel.

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What is our experience with Google Search advertising?

Over the years, our customers have trusted us to manage over 5,400 Google Search campaigns that are part of their overall marketing mix.

For us and our customers, Google Search advertising is key not only to promoting their brand, product or service, but is also a major channel for generating sales and leads.

We approach each project individually

For each campaign, we create a marketing strategy that determines how your brand or product meets the needs of your potential customers. We then use this strategy to create engaging ads that are shown to the right people at the right time.

Once the campaigns are set up, we are committed to testing, analyzing and optimizing every aspect of them making sure that they perform optimally in order to ensure the best possible return on investment.


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Why Google Search Advertising?

With search advertising, you can find out what your users are interested in, which is a great signal of their intentions. And that helps us in many ways. We can customize marketing messages for different audiences that we intend to target, as well as see which of them prefer to shop from us and accordingly “bid” for these searches with priority.

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Reach consumers who are currently actively seeking additional information or interested in purchasing products or services offered by you or your competitors.

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More visibility in Search results.

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Protection against competition – a good reason to use Google Ads is to protect yourself from your competitors who may be betting on your brand keywords.

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Opportunity to announce specific offers, present new products and direct users to the most relevant landing pages for their search.

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Effectiveness – Advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad (cost-per-click) or performs a specific goal (cost-per-acquisition).

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Cost control – Google gives you complete control over advertising cost management, distribution of daily and campaign budgets in the system.

G 7

Measuring results – clear traceability of each action taken by users and visibility of how this has affected your results.

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Google search is the only channel where users search for you, not you them, as in banner advertising. Will you forget to be there?

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Google Search Ads are a great option for sites that do not have good SEO.

What services does Google Search advertising include?

Ad management in Google Ads includes individual elements that shape the success of an ad campaign. Here they are:

Advertising strategy

defining campaign objectives and appropriate formats for their implementation

Media plan and budgeting

Reports and reports

detailed analysis of the achieved goals, description of the main conclusions of the campaign and recommendations for further activities

What steps does Google Search advertising involve?

steps white 1

analysis of business, product, competitors and customers

steps white 2

research of key words - brand, product, competitors

steps white 3

building advertising messages (ETA, Responsive Ads, Call Ads) and extensions

steps white 5

monitoring and analyzing user behavior and optimizing campaigns

steps white 4

selection of bidding strategies and settings according to the goals of the campaign

The main types of advertising in Google Search


Basic Google Search ad format. Text ads that can appear on the search network


This format allows you to create a text ad that adapts to your customers' searches, showing them more relevant text.


In the age of mobile devices, call ads are a great way to engage your target audiences.


The title of the ad and the URL of the landing page are generated dynamically depending on the user's search and the content of your website.