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Digital Advertising and Performance Marketing

Why are digital advertising and performance marketing services so in demand? Users constantly leave alerts – sometimes these alerts are very strong in Google or YouTube search engine, but are regularly on the site or on a specially created landing page. And of course – often on social networks, where users profile themselves.

Performance marketing and advertising also have their “dark side,” as Seth Godin, the marketing guru, wrote in his book, It’s Marketing – You Can Spend Thousands of Dollars and Have No Meaningful and Useful Consumer Action for Your Marketing. We would add – the good news in this case is that you have realized that the approach you have chosen does not work.

That’s why when we at Xplora plan, manage, analyze and upgrade digital advertising for visibility, engagement, action and purchases. We always consider what signals have been and will be given by the users with their actions, the users themselves. This allows us to achieve significant business and marketing goals for our customers in the advertising platforms and formats in which we work via performance marketing and advertising.



When we hear Google, what usually comes to mind is the search engine we use at least a few times a day for whatever we can think of. However, few people are aware of the advertising opportunities offered by the Google Ads platform, and the many advertising formats and ways in which we can reach our target audience. From text ads, through static or animated banners, videos and more, and more.

All this is part of our advertising portfolio at Xplora and we dare to proudly say that as a Google Premier Partner we know the company’s products to the smallest detail and work with them at the highest level. Below you can read more about the different channels and formats of the Google ecosystem.

Advertising on social networks

Why is advertising essential for successful digital marketing on social media? These networks are part of the everyday life of digital users, thus creating conditions for great competition for the attention of these users among many companies. Brands work to create very clear consumer paths and know the value a consumer brings to them. The algorithms of social networks themselves are getting better at selecting content for users.

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Programmatic and other PPC networks

For programmer advertising, as well as for the standard banner advertising per click, Xplora partners with companies from the Bulgarian market. These ad networks allow you to test new formats other than those known on Facebook and the GDN network, and again offer a variety of targeting methods – demographics, interests, location, devices, etc.