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What is Waze?

Waze is an online navigation platform, part of Google's products, which provides real-time traffic information, congestion, road hazards, police. Waze is used on a global basis by over 100 million users worldwide and is gaining popularity and application in the daily lives of people who regularly use their car in urban environments. The ability of each user to contribute information about the road situation at any time turns the users of the platform into a growing community. Using it on the way to rush hour work, for example, you can choose the fastest route with the lowest traffic load and thus save valuable time.

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Where does the navigation application meet the ad?

Waze offers advertising features based on the location of potential users of your product / service. They are designed to create an awareness effect, familiarize users who travel with a car with a business and attract traffic to its physical location. And by guiding consumers on the spot, we encourage them to take action related to this business offline: most often we talk about buying directly in your physical store, representative office or restaurant.

pic как работят

How does Waze Ads work?

Through advertising presence on the platform, the locations of a certain business are displayed in the navigation of drivers in the form of banners, a sponsored result in the application search engine or Pin with a logo on the map. This way, whether you are a small store or a large franchise corporation with multiple sites, users can see and click on the ad to get more information about an object that is within their reach, such as: address, opening hours, current promotions in the moment.

With different CTA buttons you can stimulate your users to perform different actions – to click on the navigation button to be taken to the site, to save information for later, to save the address of the site, to receive a discount coupon or even to download your app.

Who and how do we target?

Waze allows us to target users by:

  • Demographics
  • Through language
  • According to their chosen destination
  • Specific radius

Ads can only be active during business hours, at certain times of the day, or at selected times. Here is a very good example of how Waze ads work .

pic кого и как таргетираме
pic waze ads ili google local ads

Waze Ads or Google Local Ads?

Of course, in terms of its application, Waze is far from the only navigation platform on the market. The main competitors are Google Maps, Apple Maps and Bing Maps. Among the ad formats that the platforms have, we can find similarities only in Pins, which can be configured through Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads. However, competing tweezers are not visualized in Waze, so they could even be shared in a split of channels in a larger advertising strategy aimed at maximizing offline traffic in a location.

Types of ads in waze

Waze ads are available in two packages – Waze Brands and Waze Local. Waze Brands is suitable for large brands with a global presence. Waze Local is designed for small businesses and franchise businesses.

By advertising in Waze, you can take advantage of three ad formats:

waze реклама branded pin 1

Branded Pin

The pinch with a logo creates a brand presence in the minds of Waze users during their daily routes. It is displayed on the map when passing near your object, with the possibility of clicking on it to expand more information.

Zero-Speed takeover

In this advertising format we can harness creativity in action and through original visions to present users with attractive services and promotions on site. Banners are displayed on the screen of drivers when their car falls within a certain radius around the site. In order to ensure road safety and minimize the risk of distraction, advertisements are only displayed when the vehicle is at rest for more than 4 seconds.

waze реклама Zero Speed takeover
waze реклама Ads Search

Ads Search

When users put an address or desired destination in the app’s search engine, the sponsored ad appears above the search results, depending on the user’s location. Only one ad can be displayed on search.


Start with a one-month campaign for one of your sites in a larger town with heavier traffic. It is advisable not only to advertise your location, but to covey an enticing promotion or sale that will grab the attention of users and cause them to deviate from their route to stop by you. Well, you are already in the sights of your target users. You can create new customers and increase on-site visits. If the offline traffic to your site and the amount of searches for your business increase after the start of the campaign, you can expand your advertising presence to more locations.