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Facebook is the largest social network with more than 2.7 billion monthly users in the world. The Facebook app is one of the most popular mobile apps on both Google Play and the App Store.

In digital circles, Facebook is recognizable as the channel with one of the most accurate targeting. Its micro-targeting allows you to reach the users you want by age, location, countless different interests they have, specific behavior on social networks and demographics.

In Bulgaria with Facebook targeted advertising you can reach over 4 million user profiles of people aged between 13 and 65+. That's why Facebook advertising is one of the must-have channels in your digital strategy if you want to build a successful online presence.

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What experience do we have in Facebook advertising?

We have built successful Facebook strategies as part of their overall marketing mix for over 150 customers.

For our customers, Facebook advertising is key to building brand awareness, products or services. It is also among the main channels when it comes to increasing traffic, sales and generating leads.

We always recommend targeted campaigns to be accompanied by engaging and remarketing campaigns that develop and maintain the interest of some of the most important business users – those who are already in the funnel and know the brand – your fans, customers and people who have interacted with your digital assets.

Why Facebook advertising?

The main reason you prefer advertising on Facebook is the ability to target your audience in a an extremely accurately way. This allows you to deliver your advertising message to the right people who might be interested in your product or service. This saves your budget because you pay to reach only the most valuable potential customers for your business. The main advantages of Facebook advertising are:

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Advertising is still much cheaper than in other channels.

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The results of advertising on Facebook are measurable and you can see them immediately – you know exactly how many users you have reached, how many of them have committed to your advertising, how many of them have visited the site and more.

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Creates a stronger connection between consumers and the brand. Builds a loyal and engaged audience. And the more connected consumers are to you, the more likely they are to choose your product or service.

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Your competitors are active on Facebook – by delaying your online presence, you allow them to be more active there and grow their audience and business.

In recent years, the following trends and directions of development of Facebook have been observed:

  • Organic user reach is significantly less, and without additional paid advertising, you can’t reach the maximum number of users in your audience.
  • Videos are becoming more and more popular with users.
  • Continuous improvements to the Facebook algorithm.
  • Add new formats and upgrade existing ones.

What services does Facebook advertising include?

Managing Facebook advertising involves several stages, which we consider as separate services:

Advertising strategy

Defining campaign goals, appropriate types of advertising and formats for their implementation.

Media plan and budgeting

Planning the different types of advertising, their distribution during the campaign period and estimating the expected results.

Ad Management Service

Creating a Business account, advertising account, Facebook pixel, setting up a dynamic remarketing campaign, different types of audiences according to the goals of the campaigns and other services related to their implementation.

Interim and final reports

The interim and final report summarizing the overall performance of the campaign. Detailed analysis of the achieved goals, drawing key conclusions from the campaign and recommendations for further activations.

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What are the steps involved in advertising on Facebook?


Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


Choosing the appropriate type of advertising formats according to the campaign strategy


Budget allocation between different types of formats


Monitoring and analyzing user behavior and optimizing campaigns


Build advertising messages and visions for each stage of the user path.


Creating appropriate target audiences

The main types of advertising on Facebook


Show up to 10 different pictures or videos in one ad. Each can lead to a different landing page, which allows you to display many products, give more information about one product or develop a story between different visions.


With its movement and sound, videos grab users' attention and allow you to show or tell more about a brand, product or service.



Encourages users to shop by showing them various products from the site through a product catalog on Facebook. All for mobile devices.


Full-screen format, which can contain various creatives - videos, photos, carousels, etc. All for mobile devices.


Gather information about users who are interested in your products or services and increase your contact base.


Target users with a discount that they can enjoy on your site, in a physical store, or both. Users can save the message and access it easily at a later stage when they want to use the discount.


Most of the content on your Facebook page can be sponsored and seen by more users - to gather more likes, comments and shares.


Promote an upcoming event to gain more popularity and more responsive users.


You increase the number of fans on your page by targeting audiences that might be interested in your brand or service.

е facebook remarketing

What is Facebook remarketing

Facebook remarketing is one of the most powerful tools for achieving marketing goals on this network. It allows you to continue and upgrade the user path, while optimizing the cost.

What purposes should you use Facebook Remarketing for?

Remarketing is used to re-reach users who are already familiar with your brand, product or service. This allows you to introduce them to something new from you – a new product or service. You can remind them that they left their cart on your site without completing the order. And you can use it to stay in touch with your customers and become their top-of-mind brand.