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Facebook brand content is the main point of contact between the company and its potential target within the user path. It is a habit for consumers to scroll through the posts on the social network and to consume new information on various topics - often affecting specific brands and their products and services. In this way, they can get acquainted with a new brand that would bring them value in everyday life, or deepen their relationship with an already familiar one, which they have been following since before.

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What experience do we have on Facebook?

Ever since the launch of the agency, creating content on Facebook has been a big focus for the Xplora team. This is because we strongly believe in its power to catch the eye, hold the attention and win the sympathy of the brand’s audience. Our key element to success lies in the good combination of tried and tested content and testing of new formats, themes and approaches. In this way we manage to be relevant and interesting for the audience in a very dynamic environment and discover new ways to strengthen the relationship between consumers and the brand.

We maintain business pages of companies in the FMCG, Retail, Finance and B2B sectors, and we develop an individual strategy for each company. For many of our customers, this is the main channel of communication, generating relevant traffic and creating motivation to test a product.

Specific examples

  • ZooMall Case Study carousel
    How did we achieve an impressive reach on Facebook through mini activation?

    What was the goal? To realize 60,000 Reach on Facebook to a main target audience through mini-activation, which will promote the ZooMall brand in a fun and intriguing way. For this purpose, we chose to implement a mini-game in the feed of the page with an optimal budget.

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  • Prestige Case Study carousel
    Culinary competition with "Homeland"

    A video campaign realized with the help of PRESTIGE 96 and their loyal audience You know that the topic of sweets is a sensitive topic - for men and women, for young and old. In the Xplora office, however, the jam is respected and the truth is that we have no problem with it. Not only is our afternoon breakfast guaranteed, but the imagination of every hidden talent in cooking allows itself to run wild with the products of Prestige 96.

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Why Facebook content?

Facebook is the first of the giant platforms to establish itself in the digital world through the content it creates and the added value it brings to users. There are a number of reasons why for so many years it has remained the preferred way to spend free time with the audience, namely because:


  • the platform and its formats are very intuitive and easy to use
  • has a wide range of different functionalities for presenting information and engaging the audience’s attention with it
  • users know how to get the most out of the content with minimal effort
  • changes and innovations in the functionalities of the social network are introduced, which are entirely in favor of a better and interesting experience of the audience
  • allows for the creation of a test communication to validate an assumption of a potential consumer response based on this communication
  • the brand shows its readiness for an open and honest conversation, predisposing the audience to the same
  • is constantly being improved to make it easier to create, share and track content
  • allows free access to the content of competing brands in order to track their communication and interaction with consumers
  • allows for active monitoring of the audience and its reactions in different situations

In recent years, the following trends and directions of development of content on Facebook have been observed:

Icon 1 1
Previews that take up most of the user’s screen
Icon 2
Publications with longer texts that tell a story
Icon 3
Short videos that present synthesized information
Icon 4
Longer videos that add a lot of value to users
Icon 5
User-generated content shared by the brand
Icon 6 1
Consumer reviews and testimonials shared by the brand
Icon 7 1
Formats that require additional interaction from the user and show the degree of his interest

What services does Facebook content creation involve?

  • Content strategy
  • Posting plan
  • Report and reports
  • Tracking competing brands

What are the steps involved in creating content on Facebook?

To ensure high quality content, the service is divided into several separate steps:

Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


Defining basic communication lines, topics and content formats


The creation of a monthly posting plan


Optimization of the offered content on a monthly basis according to the achieved results


Monitoring and analysis of user behavior according to the presented content

What goals can you achieve through Facebook content?

The goals that a brand can set on Facebook are different and are determined on the basis of business strategy, and also show how far forward in the consumer path we can take the audience within the online communication.


Greater visibility of your business in front of potential customers and partners. Facebook is the place to show the added value that the brand offers you through active dialogue and quality information.


More active consumer involvement. This is one of the main forces of social networking, expressed in the mechanics of the algorithm to encourage the content of businesses and individuals who create conversation.

Creating a community

Opportunity to create a community around the brand. This is due to the developed successful mechanisms for encouraging consumer activity.