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Instagram serves as a natural extension of Facebook to reach a younger audience active in the digital environment. It follows the same rules that the giant company imposes on its first social network, namely that the content it publishes is interesting, engaging, truthful, and conducive to creating discussions and communities. The specifics are determined by the behavior of users in this channel and their attitudes towards what is interesting, engaging and motivating for their next step.

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What experience do we have in creating content on Instagram?

Our experience in creating content for Instagram is based on working with many different brands in a number of sectors – home and household products, food, cosmetics, appliances, children’s goods, businesses, organizing events, fast food restaurants, beverages, brands in the financial and automotive sector, etc. In addition to our close specialization in publishing on this social network, our teams have an excellent understanding of how these channels work, their dynamics, trends and their timely integration into communication with users. We advise you to get yourselves acquainted with our experience and approach to advertising on Instagram, part of the Facebook ecosystem.

Specific examples

  • Batiste Case Study carousel
    Campaign with Eva

    If you follow the profiles of Batiste Bulgaria, you have surely noticed a mysterious lady who sweetly talks about her daily life and how many times she has been "saved" from dry shampoo. Yes, that's me - Eva. I love to share my beautiful days with you - and not that I lead a fabulous lifestyle, I just know how to see beauty in the smallest things.

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  • 2 ArianaRadler Case Study Carousel
    @ ariana.radler - 0.0% alcohol and 100% freshness

    We had to make Ariana's Instagram profile the main communication platform for Ariana Radler 0.0%, as well as focus the audience's attention on natural ingredients, new flavors, freshness and the perfect combination of soft beer and fruit juice.

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Why Instagram content?

It’s very simple – users enter Instagram because of the posts. The more interesting they are for them, the more time they spend on social media. Moreover, the audience already has a habit of consuming brand content when it is relevant and valuable to them. It also has a habit of “punishing” them when the content is misleading or no longer “fresh”. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the trends in communication on Instagram and apply it according to the brand’s strategy, but not always and not at any cost.

    In recent years, the following trends and directions of development of Instagram content have been observed:

    IG 1 1
    The platform is starting to prioritize more and more video content at the expense of still photos.
    IG 2 1
    Consumers are most committed to content that is fun and has a positive message.
    IG 3 1
    The audience prefers as much real content as possible, and if possible it should be originally shot by the brand.

    What services does creating content on Instagram involve?

    • Content strategy
    • Posting plan
    • Report and statements
    • Tracking competing brands

    What are the steps involved in creating content on Instagram?

    To ensure high quality content, the service is divided into several separate steps:

    Research and analysis of business, product, competitors and customers


    Defining basic communication lines, topics and content formats


    The creating of a monthly posting plan


    Optimization of the offered content on a monthly basis according to the achieved results


    Monitoring and analysis of user behavior according to the presented content

    What goals can be achieved through Instagram content?

    Instagram is a platform that offers a rich toolkit of content formats, helping brands to create diverse content on a variety of topics. For this reason, the goals that can be achieved in a social network are diverse and depend on the business goals of the brand:

    Communication with the audience

    Brands can use Instagram as the only channel to communicate with their audience while developing their site. This is because the feed on the social network can be like a kind of card and gather all the information that the user needs in order to take action in one place.

    Conducting online events

    Instagram is also suitable for online events on various topics. The toolkit allows him to join up to two presenters, and the video can be saved for a certain period of time in the profile from which it was made.

    Reaching a wider audience

    The platform is also the place where content with opinion leaders is consumed significantly and helps to reach a wider audience.
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